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Costco: The Products for the Holiday Season You Should Buy

If you still have to buy products for the Christmas seasonCheck out the ones you should buy at Costco, where you can save a few bucks and your pocketbook will thank you.

Having a Costco membership, one of the main retailers in the country, has great advantages that you cannot miss this Christmas season.

Since there are excellent offers in Ideal food, drink, decoration and other items and necessary to celebrate Christmas and New Years.

Drinks to celebrate and toast

In no celebration can the drinks to toast, and at Costco there is everything.

Whether you prefer wines, spirits or even champagne that you can share with your guests at Christmas dinner.

The store offers discounts of $ 6 dollars on the purchase of two bottles of liquor, said the expert in shopping at Costco Marie Clark, according to what was published by the site. Go Banking Rates.

Customers are offered a $ 15 discount on the purchase of Eternally Silenced Pinot Noir from The Prisoner Wine Company.

Cheeses and special meats

And a wine cannot be enjoyed without a good cheese or special meats, and at Costco you can find them to enjoy your meetings and your Christmas dinner in the company of your loved ones.

Cold cuts are also excellent and can be purchased at good discounts at the retailer.
For example, the shopping expert at Costco recommends el Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Cheese, and of course the truffle mousse, French butter and crab meat, which are excellent options for customers.

Fireplace logs

To feel the heat this Christmas and winter season, you can buy a box of logs for the chimneyto for only $ 27 dollars.

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Costco desserts are also one of the products that you cannot miss this Christmas season and the cheesecake is the best option for you to share with your guests at the table.

The 4-pound cheesecake is only $ 13.

Christmas decorations and lights

And to put atmosphere in your home, you can not miss the decorations and Christmas lights, which have great discounts at Costco, according to the recommendations of Jake Hill, CEO of the personal finance site DebtHammer, who assures that there is a large assortment in the retailer.

Disposable products

Andrei Vasilescu, Co-Founder and CEO of Coupon and Promo Code Site DontPayFull, Recommends Shopping at Costco disposable items, such as paper, paper plastic cups that can be used in your Christmas celebrations.

If you want to know the prices of the products this Christmas season visit the official Costco site, Click here.

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