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Couple takes selfie and when they review it, they discover that they were about to die

Sophie Pass and her boyfriend Richard, both from Edinburgh, decided to take advantage of a day, whose climate was conducive to enjoying nature. They then headed north from the Scottish capital and stopped in a rugged area. The couple took the opportunity to relax, swim and take photos, until a thunderstorm broke out. and they took refuge in their car. In your vehicle, They started looking at the selfies that were taken and noticed that they were close to being struck by lightning.

“We had an amazing day in the north of Scotland swimming wildly. The water was calm, a breeze to keep mosquitoes away, a good combination of sun and light clouds, a breathtaking outdoor life and scenery – the perfect conditions! ”Pass told Edinburgh Live.

He continued: “When we finished swimming, we decided to take a walk around the lake to end the day, which is a perfect place for a selfie with such incredible views. A minute after that photo, Richard noticed that my hair was completely standing on end. I couldn’t feel it, and only then did I realize that her hair was standing on end as well. At that time the weather was quite calm, there was a little drizzle, but nothing that seemed too sinister. “

“Our instincts and high school physics level made us suspect that this spiky hair thing probably It was not a good thing and that we were in a slightly dangerous situation, so we quickly went back to our car, “added the couple, who also said that they warned the rest of the tourists who were in the area, about the possible storm.

In fact, they said that the other walkers followed their example and also returned to their cars. “Although there was a heavy downpour while everyone was in the vehicles, there was no thunder or lightning,” explained Sophie Pass.

“When we were in the car we looked at the selfie and realized what was happening at the time. After searching for answers on Google, we got an idea of ​​how incredibly lucky the two of us were to still be there and safely, along with everyone else on the beach, “added the 33-year-old woman to explain that they were close to being struck by lightning.

On the subject of hair signals and thunderstorms, the UK’s National Weather Service, Met Office, stated that it is a correct relationship. “If your hairs stand on end (electrical charge in the atmosphere) or you feel a tingling on your skin, it is possible that lightning is about to strike you,” they reported.

“Nature is beautiful and we all need to take care of it, but my God, it can be scary as hell too!” Concluded Sophie Pass.

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