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COURSE TO HAVE A DOG | The 3 things that are known so far about the new course to have a dog

COURSE TO HAVE A DOG |  Everything that is known so far about the new compulsory course to have a dog

COURSE TO HAVE A DOG | Everything that is known so far about the new compulsory course to have a dog
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The new Animal Protection Law, bring tail. Never better said. The new animal law, which addresses the holding and responsible coexistence with animals establishing a set of prohibitions and obligations for owners of pets, is setting fire to social networks and there are many voices that have spoken out against certain aspects of the law. And among all the provisions, the most criticized is the new course to have a dog. A mandatory training for all owners and responsible for dogs whose objective is to ensure that the owner of these animals he is qualified to take charge of it.

What does the Animal Protection Law say about this course to have a dog?

Chapter II establishes the conditions of holding the animals company, both in private homes and in open spaces, so as to guarantee certain conditions of animal welfare, as well as the conditions of access to means of transport and establishments open to the public. In particular, regarding dog owners, the need to have passed a training course to this end, with the aim of facilitating the correct responsible ownership of the animal, often conditioned by the lack of knowledge on the part of the owner in the handling, care and keeping of animals.

Specifically, Article 36 specifies that: “The owners or persons responsible for the dogs must have previously completed an accredited training course for the keeping of dogs., whose content will be determined by regulation. “In addition, it is explained that” all dogs must meet the classification criteria by sociability, complying with the behavioral and socialization validation mechanisms determined by regulation “and that” the owners or persons responsible for the dogs must take out civil liability insurance“.

What will the new course to have a dog look like?

It will be a free, online and simple course, similar to that required to obtain the food handler qualification. Will be mandatory for dog owners, as well as taking out civil liability insurance and not leaving the dog alone for more than 24 hours.

This was explained by the general director of Animal Rights, Sergio García Torres, in an interview: “We are talking about a small training that not only involves animal owners. It is a training very similar to what the course of food handler, a free online course and that it is not the biggest problem when it comes to overcoming it. “García Torres indicated that this course establishes” a framework of civility “to avoid behaviors such as not collecting the dog droppings in the streets, for instance.

What other measures does the new Animal Protection Law contemplate?

Another of the most relevant and significant aspects of this new animal law is the premise “zero sacrifice“That is, the prohibition of sacrificing companion animals. Under the framework of the new animal law, slaughter could only be carried out “for reasons sanitary or eutanásicas “and it will never be possible to do it for economic reasons, overcrowding, lack of places, impossibility of finding an adopter within a certain term, abandonment of the legal responsible, old age or illness or injury with the possibility of treatment, or due to problems of behaviour that can be redirected by a educator.

Those responsible for pets they will not be able, in addition, leave their animals alone for a specified period of time. The regulations establish three days for any pet, but in dogs the maximum allowed would be 24 hours.

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