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Coverings confirms the ‘decline’ of interest in Chinese ceramics


The companies, which began to close sales yesterday, pick up more American demand due to the ‘blocking’ of freight in the Asian market

View of the Pavilion
View of the Icex Pavilion that houses the Tile of Spain firms.E.M.

Second day of the Coverings fair in Orlando and, once again, positive balance by participating Spanish ceramic companies. Industry sources assured this Thursday that, again, from the first hour we have noticed a large influx of customers at the fair on which was the ‘strong’ day of the event, which in this edition has been reduced to only three days. The second day of the fair served, in addition to revalidating the success of the first day, to confirm how the anti-dumping measures imposed in the United States on the entry of Chinese ceramics al not have benefited the Spanish sector, As already explained by the tile employer of our country, Ascer.

Especially significant was the presence of Latin Americans or the Caribbean, with the permission of the Americans. There has been a large influx of North Americans but also Latin Americans, especially Central Americans and also from Caribbean countries, indicated the same business sources, who confirmed that the blockade of Chinese and Indian products has had a lot to do with the growing interest in the fair this year.

We know that the blockade of freight from India or China has led to the growth of operations in these countries with Spanish ceramics and will continue to grow for the same reason, said the same business sources.

The companies referred to the anti-dumping measures that have caused a decline in sales of Asian ceramics to the US and, therefore, have also affected relations with other American markets. India or China can no longer access and this has undoubtedly benefited us. Also, of course, the American markets are looking for the stamp of ceramics made in Spain although by price they previously looked for ceramics from India or China, the companies pointed out. Quality is a hallmark of Spanish ceramics and customers here know it, pointed out the same sources.

At this point, it should be remembered that the Icex report ‘Tile in the United States’ shows that in terms of volumes, in 2020 Spanish ceramic imports represented the 20,71% of the total of those carried out from the United States, which places Spain in a first historical position, surpassing Mexico and China. Thus, the statistics already reveal how Tile of Spain has relieved the country of the red dragon on the US podium after the application of protectionist measures two years ago.

On the other hand, the Spanish companies participating in Coverings this year -41 in total, 30 associated with Ascer- began to close sales operations. The good thing that the fair lasts only three days is that the clients come with things clear. They don’t come just to watch. They are willing to buy and know what they want. Undoubtedly, the change in the duration of the fair has helped accelerate commercial operations, pointed out businessmen consulted.

Thus, the last day of the fair we do not think that it will be better than the first two, because the orders have already been formalized due to the time we have.

In addition, the free vaccination in Florida and the possibility of moving within the country without restrictions – unlike the visits of Europeans to the US – has contributed to encouraging visits to the fair, in the opinion of some participating Tile of Spain companies.

Coverings 2021 is the first face-to-face ceramic fair that takes place after the worst months of the pandemic. This Friday close its doors and the tile will be able to test what its behavior has been but, according to some firms, the health situation has not hindered the good progress of the contest in the USA, the first Tile of Spain market in 2020 with 360.8 million.

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