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COVID-19: Restrictions in the Basque Country remain until December 10 | Society




The limitations will remain in effect at least until next December 10. The Basque Government considers that the measures are being effective, but admits that the situation continues to be serious.

The Basque Government will maintain until after the December bridge current restrictions considering that, despite the change in trend in the COVID-19 pandemic, the transmission of the coronavirus continues to be “very high” in Euskadi.

The decision to maintain these measures has been announced by the Basque Government Health Minister, Gotzone Sagardui, at the end of the meeting of the Advisory Council of the Basque Civil Protection Plan (LABI) held this Thursday.

Although at the press conference the counselor had indicated that the extension would be 15 days and that, therefore, the measures would be in force until December 5, the Executive has clarified afterwards that the established date is December 10.

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, will sign this Friday a decree by which the Basque Government will maintain until next December 10 the preventive measures approved on November 6.

Thus, the limitation of the entry and exit of people in the territory of the Autonomous Community of Euskadi and the municipal environment where each person has fixed residence will remain in force.

The limitation of circulation at night from 10:00 p.m. and the closure of hotel establishments, among other measures, is also maintained.

The health situation remains serious

The counselor has assured that “the measures are taking a positive effect which can be seen in the modification of the trend of the last days“, and added that” the good response of the majority of society has been a decisive factor for this. “

However, despite this change in trend, Sagardui recalled that the Basque Country is at level five established in the Biziberri II Plan, that is, in a situation of “very high” transmission of the virus.

Regarding hospital pressure, he warned that scenario 3 of the ICU Contingency Plan is still active. “We’re doing fine, but we’re not okay”, has insisted.

On the other hand, the minister has asked “a new effort from Basque society” to continue slowing the spread of the virus and has announced the launch of a awareness campaign backed by all Basque institutions under the slogan “Hands, mask, distance. We all know how to avoid it.”

“It is a campaign that will be reflected in the social media and that seeks to combat a possible situation of relaxation, remembering that this disease can lead people to hospital, ICU or even death,” said Sagardui.

Follow the recommendations against coronavirus from the health authorities. In the face of fake news, pay attention only to official sources. If you live in the CAV and have symptoms, call your usual health center. Also the Health Council will attend to people on the phone 900 20 30 50, offering information and solving doubts about the coronavirus. If you live in Navarra, call the Health Council phone number: 948 290 290. Remember, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is hand washing. Masks are mandatory in public transport, as well as in the street and closed spaces if the safety distance of two meters cannot be maintained.

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