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Covid-19: Uber and Lyft offer free rides to vaccination centers until July 4 in the US | International

A sign with the Lyft and Uber logos in San Diego, California.
A sign with the Lyft and Uber logos in San Diego, California.Mike Blake / Reuters

President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced a partnership with alternative taxi riders Uber and Lyft to make all rides to and from vaccination sites free through July 4. The new agreement led by the Joe Biden Administration is part of the government effort to meet the goal that at least 160 million citizens are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and 70% of the adult population has received at least one dose before July 4, the Independence Day of the United States, one of the main holidays celebrated in the country.

Lyft and Uber will promote trips to and from about 80,000 vaccination centers in their applications. The feature will launch in the next two weeks and will run through July 4, the day Biden announced as “virus independence day.” The Democratic president held a meeting on Tuesday with a bipartisan group of governors in which they discussed the incentives to mobilize those who have not yet been vaccinated. “If we are successful, we will be able to take a serious step towards a return to normalcy by Independence Day,” said Biden.

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While the vaccination campaign in the US has been exemplary, demand has been decelerating in recent weeks, when about half of the adult population has already received at least one dose and 34% are fully vaccinated, according to reports. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The challenge now is to mobilize young people. To incentivize them, government and private company initiatives have sprung up ranging from giving away food and alcoholic beverages to monetary rewards, such as Maryland or West Virginia, which give away $ 100 (€ 83) to their state employees or young people who prove they have completed treatment. .

Last week, the Democratic president asked the states to eliminate the requirement to request an appointment to be vaccinated, in order to speed up the process. Vaccination centers are distributing an average of almost 2.2 million daily doses, a 32% drop from the peak of 3.3 million reached in the second week of April. In addition to the obstacles, it must be considered that about 25% of adults do not have plans to be vaccinated, according to the polls carried out by the CNN and NPR networks in recent months.

In conversation with governors, Biden estimated that 40% of world leaders have called him for help. “I promise you that we will have enough vaccines for all Americans, but we will commit to working with other countries,” said the Democrat.

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