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Covid-19 vaccination in the Ballesol Alicante nursing home

At last the three residences in Alicante de Ballesol can breathe happy and calm: all their residents and professionals are vaccinated. With patience and perseverance, the residences for the elderly in Alicante de Ballesol are now the safer places for our elders.

And security is synonymous with recovering little by little normality. To go back to the walks, the cultural outings, see relatives and resume all the activities carried out in the residences of San Juan Beach, Via Park Y White shore.

They have been long and hard months that have resulted in much more than the virus itself. Too high a percentage of symptoms and conditions in the elderly that must be treated immediately. Loneliness, depression, anxiety or sedentary lifestyle are some of the cases that our elders suffer today, not to mention, with the isolation that caused the confinement, the fractures and injuries that skyrocketed in older people.

Workshop in the gardens

The three residences in Alicante de Ballesol offered -and offer- therapeutic and psychological help, recovery from fractures and trauma supporting all residents and encouraging their autonomy, creativity and interpersonal relationships. Thus, all the people in the residences of Playa San Juan, Vía Parque and Costablanca were always physically and mentally active, maintaining their autonomy and capacities.

Elderly care

Ballesol is a pioneer in care and treatments for the elderly, and for this it has specialized and innovative activities and programs.

Either for his dementia expert team and care of the elderly and modern facilities, full of open spaces and gardens full of life, such as the views towards the beach, or the location wonderfully central, the Ballesol residences in Alicante offer the best person-centered care.

It is essential to create spaces for participation and activity, but also to transmit to our residents that they are in safe and protected environments”Recall the professionals from the Ballesol residences.

Family visits return

Ballesol smiles now more than ever, as it has reopened its doors to the residents’ families, with all security measures to ensure the health of all.

Now that the vaccine has been administered to all residents and professionals who work in the three residences for the elderly in Alicante de Ballesol (Playa San Juan, Vía Parque and Costablanca), the visit of relatives is just one of the activities that has been resumed in the Ballesol centers.

Views of Benidorm from Ballesol Costa Blanca

Outdoor gatherings have also been reestablished, walks on the beach and specialized therapeutic programs for example for people with Alzheimer’s, which stimulate positive emotions, generate a feeling of calm and increase self-esteem and autonomy among residents.

Fostering safe, autonomous, interactive and positive environments is what most attracts new income. A place to share, where the main axis is the capable, independent person and a fundamental part of society. As mentioned, many of the new members of the Alicante Ballesol residences enter to leave behind the loneliness that has accentuated the covid-19 pandemic, to improve mobility or simply feel a more protected and cared for home.

Life projects in the Ballesol nursing home

A quality residence for seniors is one that not only offers comprehensive services for a person’s stay, but also supports and drives a life “more creative and active with the purpose of “give more life to the years”, Explains Luis López, coordinator of Socio Cultural Animation in the Ballesol nursing homes.

The painting is one of the most popular programs among older adults, not only because it is an art that allows them enrich your imagination and capture their memories, but that same art has served many as a way of express all those psychological symptoms that caused their confinement.

Ballesol nursing homes develop horticultural therapy

Thus they have been able, like many of the great artists, face your conflicts through the expressiveness of painting and thereby reach understand each other better and overcome all those torments they carried before crossing the welcoming doors of the Ballesol nursing homes.

Another of the most successful activities is music therapy, where many residents have found a common space where they can express the joys of life through their singing voice. To listen and understand the movement of the body and voice towards active and healthy aging.

Horticultural therapy

Also, the Ballesol geriatric residences develop horticultural therapy, that is, through nature, land and the great outdoors, see and experience first hand caring for life, with love and patience, helping other beings to live. Thus, when residents are not visited by their relatives, they are accompanied by the pleasant company of enriching activities offered by the Ballesol residences in Alicante.

Painting enriches your imagination and captures your memories

There will always be new opportunities experiences or concerns to do, but these will make more sense without being enjoyed in company and maintaining a healthy balance between aspirations and capabilities. The residential model for which Ballesol is committed explores all these possibilities and needs.

In the Ballesol residences they bet on a individualized project capable of reversing the effects of lack of activity or, at least, decrease them as much as possible.

Location of Ballesol in Alicante

– Ballesol Playa de San Juan: Avenida San Sebastián, 33, 03540 Playa San Juan, Alicante Tel. 965 154 125

– Ballesol Vía Parque: C / Virgilio, 17, 03016 Alicante Tel. 965 156 833

-Ballesol Costa Blanca: C / Tramuntana, 2, 03570 La Cala de La Vila, Villajoyosa Alicante Tel. 965 857 671

The schedule customer service is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Email: [email protected]



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