Thursday, October 21

Covid-19 vaccine: sending doses to Mexico may be “the most significant gesture” of Biden towards Latin America

  • Gerardo Lissardy
  • BBC World News

Biden with a sign in the background: response to covid-19

Image source, Getty Images


Biden agreed with López Obrador to send doses of vaccines.

In addition to the rigorous notes on their labels, the 2.5 million doses of anticovid-19 vaccines that the United States plans to send to Mexico will carry an implicit political message: Washington is cooperating again in the south of the continent.

The White House announcement that it plans to share those AstraZeneca vaccines with Mexico and another 1.5 million doses with Canada is one of President Joe Biden’s first steps in the “vaccine diplomacy”.

Biden had already indicated his intention to distribute in “the rest of the world” the surplus dose that his country has and now he begins with the two neighbors with whom he shares a border.

This occurs at a time when the US seeks Mexico’s help to control the flow of migrants north.

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