Tuesday, August 3

Covid-19 Vaccine: Why It Is Normal To Have Some Mild Side Effects After Immunization

  • Jose Carlos Cueto
  • BBC World News

Person with mask.


You may have a slight headache after getting vaccinated. It usually disappears in 2-3 days.

Experiencing a mild side effect after getting vaccinated against the coronavirus is normal and may even be a sign that the vaccine is working.

After immunization, some fever, malaise, pain, or tiredness may appear. Each individual may experience one of these symptoms, a combination thereof, or none.

But these side effects disappearsn generally alas littleas hours o days.

The disease is far worse than the vast majority of vaccine side effects. Vaccines save lives with a high degree of protection, “virologist Julian Tang, from the University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom, tells BBC Mundo.


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