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COVID: 232 unvaccinated United Airlines employees to be laid off

United Airlines managed to get 99% of its employees vaccinated against Covid-19.

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United Airlines announced through a memorandum that it will start the separation process from the company for people who did not get vaccinated against Covid-19, published Fox Business.

The process of Dismissal applies to 232 employees who refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, before the deadline set by the airline.

About 67,000 United Airlines employees, based in the U.S., faced the date September 27 limit to get vaccinated or risk losing your jobexcept for some medical or religious exemptions.

United officials – Scott Kirby, CEO, and Brett Hart, company president – told employees through a joint memorandum that more than 99% of their U.S.-based employees have been vaccinated since the airline implemented its policy on August 6.

Originally, the company had 600 employees who did not comply with the vaccine policy, but after the requirement the number was reduced to 232 workers, according to United.

“For less than 1% of the people who decided not to get vaccinated, unfortunately, we will begin the process of separation from the airline according to our policyThe memo warned.

The airline executives noted in the document that, although it was an incredibly difficult decision, it was made for a safety issue: “The pandemic is now killing more than 2,000 people per day, an increase of 65% in the last 30 days. , and the most effective way to keep our people safe is to make sure they are vaccinated“.

United took a strict stance in favor of vaccination, unlike other US airlines. The company asked each employee to submit a picture of their vaccination card and those who did not do so were told they would be fired. unless granted a religious or medical exemption.

Those granted the exemption were warned that they would be put on leave from October 2, until the airline implements additional safety mitigation measures.

“For several of our employees who were approved for an accommodation, we are working to implement options that reduce the risk to their health and safety, including new testing regimes, temporary job reassignments, and masking protocolsThe airline said in the memo.

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