Thursday, January 27

Covid: 6 keys to understanding how Puerto Rico became the US territory with the highest percentage of vaccination

  • Ronald Avila-Claudio
  • BBC News World

A man receives the covid-19 vaccine in Puerto Rico

Image source, Getty Images


There are those who point out that Puerto Ricans share a culture in favor of vaccination.

In a territory hit by a deep economic crisis, which causes a huge migration of health personnel and a shortage of hospital resources, the pandemic could have been a major disaster.

Puerto Rico, however, draws the world’s attention for its current handling of the pandemic. With 74.7% of the population immunized, the Caribbean island exceeds the figures of any otherO territory U.S.

The percentage is above the global reported by the United States as a country, which for this December 8 registered 60.1%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If measured outside the North American nation, Puerto Rico would be competing with the Latin American countries with the best vaccination figures, such as Chile (84.44%) and Uruguay (76.35%).

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