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COVID: Can vaccines harm male genitalia like Nicki Minaj said? Expert responds

There are many myths about COVID-19 vaccines: that they affect fertility, that they implant a chip, that they produce magnetism … claims lack scientific support. Some days ago Nicki Minaj He said an acquaintance was rendered powerless because his testicles became inflamed after being immunized. Can COVID vaccines harm male genitalia? This is what an expert answers.

On her Twitter account, the rapper told her 22 million followers that she would not be vaccinated for the Met gala and narrated that a friend of her cousin who lives in Trinidad experienced testicular swelling after being vaccinated against COVID, so He became helpless and his fiancee canceled the wedding to be held soon.

Vaccines DO NOT inflame the testicles

Faced with Minaj’s controversial claims, The Slate interviewed the doctor Aaron Spitz, renowned urologist author of the book The Penis Book: A Doctor’s Complete Guide to the Penis. “There is no evidence that the vaccine causes any deterioration in testosterone production or causes swelling or pain in the testicles, or causes erectile dysfunction.”, Affirmed the specialist. “In fact, one study showed that the sperm count temporarily increased after the vaccine,” he said.

The doctor pointed out that probably after vaccination a man may experience poor sexual performance due to the response of his immune system to the vaccine, but it will be a temporary effect.

In addition, he categorically ruled out that COVID-19 vaccines can cause testicular inflammation: “The COVID vaccine stimulates its antibodies against the shell of the COVID virus, but does not stimulate your antibodies against testicular tissue. It does not generate an immune response that then wants to attack the testicular cells, ”he told the publication, adding that, on the other hand, the infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus can attack testicular cells by binding to them.

Decreased testosterone and sperm

Spitz points out that a small percentage of men (5%) experience decreased sperm count and motility, as well as ua decrease in testosterone (20%) after COVID-19 infection, not after vaccination, and noted that even some men who died from the disease had inflammation and lesions in the testicles.

In addition to that small percentage of men who have suffered genital injuries after falling ill with COVID, the most common cause of painful swelling in the testicles is sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia.

When asked about what is more risky for a man’s sexual health, getting vaccinated against COVID or not doing it, the doctor replied: “The biggest risk is not getting the vaccine because it is very difficult to have good sex when you are dead.”.

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