Monday, August 15

Covid: more cases but fewer hospitalizations, the conclusions of the largest study on the omicron variant to date

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A health worker performs a PCR test on a patient

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The WHO classified the new variant as “very high” overall risk.

Ómicron appears to be causing less severe disease than other variants of the coronavirus despite showing greater resistance to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, according to preliminary data from the largest study yet on this strain.

The study itself, which was published on Tuesday, was conducted by Discovery Health, South Africa’s largest private insurer, where the omicron variant was detected for the first time.

And in it it specifies that the risk of hospital admissions among adults who were infected with this variant was a 29% lower than in the initial pandemic wave that emerged in March 2020.

Until now it was unknown if omicron could cause a more serious infection compared to other variants, such as delta or beta.

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