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COVID: Texas school asks mothers and fathers to act as substitute teachers amid staff shortages

The contagions of Ómicron have not only put airlines, hospitals and supermarkets against the wall, educational centers are also beginning to suffer the havoc, as in Texas, where given the shortage of personnel caused by an increase in cases of Covid-19 has taken to a school district to ask parents to become substitute teachers.

Business Insider reported that the Hays Consolidated Independent School District in Kyle, Texas, sent an email to the parents urging them to apply.

The school district also posted about the opportunity for students to parents become secondary teachers on your Facebook page, announcing that it is now hiring “certified and non-certified guest teachers.”

Aspiring parent-teachers would have to apply for the position and pass a criminal background check, but the requirement to have at least 30 hours of college credit can be waived if the principal recommends the parent, said Tim Savoy, a spokesman for the school district.

Hays CISD currently has 318 active student Covid-19 cases and 61 cases among staff, and the cases increased this week, according to the information.

“If we get to a point where we have no substitutes, basically probably We’d have to send everyone home, and they’d have to make up timeSavoy said.

The spokesperson added that the school district is “going the extra mile for our parents, because those will be the people the principals will interact with on a regular basis, and they will be able to say, ‘hey, yeah, I know this parent, they’re great.'”

The school district typically has approximately 500 substitute teachers available in a typical year, but the district was down to around 100 alternates last year due to the Delta coronavirus variant.

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“Since then, we’ve increased the pool of approved subscribers to around 300,” Savoy told Insider, but due to the Omicron coronavirus variant, “The demand also increased considerably”.

“So far we have been able to cover our classes. For those sub-needs that are not covered, we have campus staff and central office staff who are helping, ”Savoy said.

It transpired that so far only three parents have signed up to be surrogates.

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