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Covid: the scandal over the celebration of a British government Christmas party that bypassed restrictions due to the pandemic

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Johnson saliendo de Downing Street.

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Boris Johnson has come under pressure after a Christmas party was held at government offices during the December 2020 lockdown.

The scandals do not stop within the British government led by Boris Johnson.

Now the questions about the prime minister are followed by a party held at the offices of 10 Downing Street, the seat of government, during December 2020, at a time when strict restrictions were in force due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In a report published by the British newspaper Daily Mirror, it is stated that there was a meeting on December 18 inside the government offices with the presence of several officials, when they were prohibitedOs social encounters in the country.

According to the measures implemented by Johnson himself days before, due to the increase in infections by covid-19 (which at that time was at its most critical point), people could not congregate that they did not live in the same house or were part of what is called a “social bubble”.

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