Saturday, May 28

Covid: the threats of anti-vaccines to a patient who they accuse of being an actor who faked the disease

  • Marianna Spring
  • Disinformation reporter

Henry Dyne in hospital bed

Henry Dyne was interviewed by the BBC after contracting covid last July.

Henry Dyne received hundreds of offensive messages after appearing in a BBC New Year’s Eve report. The fountain? Anti-vaccine activists who falsely believed he was a “crisis actor” who pretended to be sick with covid-19.

A few days after Christmas, Henry Dyne nonchalantly glanced at his phone while ordering drinks at a bar. Upon unlocking the device, he encountered more than 600 notifications.

He began to despair – it was something he had experienced before – but, says the 29-year-old from Surrey, England, this time it was “a hundred times worse”.

The messages were unpleasant, abusive, even threatening.

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