Sunday, June 26

Covid: “Those without immunity are variant factories”

  • Felipe Llambías
  • BBC News World

Test tube with a label that says covid-19 coronavirus omicron.

Image source, Getty Images


The omicron variant was detected in South Africa on November 24.

The detection of the omicron variant in South Africa at the end of November raised new unknowns regarding the pandemic for the entire world.

This also occurs in times when one half of the world is vaccinated, and even giving booster doses, and another half is with low or very low inoculation rates.

The doctor John Swartzberg, emeritus professor of the chair of infectious diseases and vaccination at the University of California at Berkeley (USA), understands that not having achieved mass vaccination at a global level, either due to lack of access to doses in some countries such as for the rejection of injections against covid in others, generates billions of viral factories one for each of those individuals.

They will be the ones will produce the next variant of the coronavirus.

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