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COVID: United States Buys 10 Million Pfizer Pill Treatments

The Pfizer pill is the first oral anticovid treatment that Americans will be able to take at home.

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The United States acquired, in advance, 10 million treatments of the pill against covid-19 manufactured by Pfizer, that this Wednesday received emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the country’s regulatory body.

Jeff Zients, the head of the White House task force against the pandemic, confirmed this in a press conference, who considered the authorization granted to the pill good news.

“This treatment dramatically reduces the chance of hospitalizations and deaths for people at risk. Zients said.

Furthermore, Zients estimated that some 265,000 treatments will be available in January and that the 10 million treatments (in total) will be delivered by the end of the summer, due to the fact that the production takes “between six and eight months”.

Pfizer’s pill is the first oral anticovid treatment that Americans will be able to take at home and it is expected to become a crucial tool against the pandemic, at a time when cases have been skyrocketed by the omicron variant.

The pill, which will be sold under the name PaxlovidIt can only be bought with a prescription and patients should take it as soon as they know they have the disease, at most within the first five days in which they have presented symptoms, the FDA detailed in its statement.

Up to now, all treatments in the United States against the disease were administered through an injection or intravenously.

The pill works by blocking the activity of a specific enzyme that the coronavirus needs to replicate in the infected body, a mechanism similar to that of the pill developed by another major pharmaceutical company, MSD (Merck in the US and Canada).

Paxlovid prevents disease in 89% and could work against Omicron

While the investigation around the Omicron variant continues its course and health authorities around the world take precautions against this new variant of COVID, Pfizer announced that its pill prevents the disease by 89% and could work against Ómicron.

The pharmacist tested Paxlovid in 1,219 people at high risk of serious illness due to their health conditions.

After administering the experimental pill to symptomatic patients with a confirmed diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection and with at least one underlying medical condition that increased their risk of developing severe symptoms, Pfizer found that its drug reduced the risk by 89%. of hospitalization and death.

The patients in the trial were located in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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