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Covid vaccine: Baja California will have its entire population over 18 years vaccinated in 10 days

Dozens of people wait in line to be vaccinated against covid-19 in Tijuana, Baja California, on June 12.
Dozens of people wait in line to be vaccinated against covid-19 in Tijuana, Baja California, on June 12.Omar Martínez / Cuartoscuro

Baja California will be the first State to be vaccinated against covid-19. All its inhabitants over 18 years of age will receive immunization within 10 days as part of the plan to open the border with the United States. The biological Jannsen (a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary), of a single position, donated by the neighboring country, has 1,350,000 doses for that purpose. The State has 3.7 million inhabitants, but part of them have already received their dose, as in the rest of the country. This was announced this morning by the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in his conference and the Secretary of Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, was in charge of presenting the plan. Neither Chancellor Ebrard nor the Undersecretary of Health López-Gatell.

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The Undersecretary of Health did communicate days ago that the rebound that is being experienced in the tourist areas of the country, such as Quintana Roo and other states of the Yucatan peninsula and neighboring states, as well as in Baja California and Baja California Sur, was credited with a privileged distribution of vaccines at this time, as happened in its day with heavily affected areas, such as the capital and the State of Mexico. Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, Tecate and Mexicali will begin with the vaccination, as well as the islands of Guadalupe, Cedros and also San Quintín, the president has said. Thus, the plan to immunize the 39 municipalities adjacent to the United States, a border with a marked economic profile between the two countries, is advancing.

Regarding Quintana Roo, where are some of the jewels of Mexican tourism, such as Cancun, López Obrador has indicated that the first dose has already been completed among those over 40 years old and that the next age will begin immediately, those between 30 and 39 The tourism sector has been badly damaged around the world, without Mexico being an exception, and the outbreak experienced in these days, which was already manifested at Easter, now has its answer in the government vaccination plans.

Arrival of a shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines donated by the US at Toluca International Airport on June 15.
Arrival of a shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines donated by the US at Toluca International Airport on June 15.PRESIDENCY OF MEXICO / Reuters

With regard to Baja California, the traffic of US citizens is considerable, for leisure and business. Beers, pharmacies, dentists and games, make it a place frequented by neighbors, who find good prices and solace in cities like Tijuana. In this state, it is expected to apply at a rate of 126,000 or 162,000 daily doses. In total, Mexico registers 2.4 million infected in this pandemic and more than 230,000 deaths, always with official figures, which means that there are many thousands more due to the underreporting recognized.

The country is advancing at two speeds in this viral crisis, which are also being exchanged. Sometimes there are some States that are declared in green, that is, with the pandemic flanked, and later there are others. Mexico City has already reached the green color and its activity is gradually recovering normality. However, States such as Campeche, among the first to announce that students were returning to schools, had to backtrack after turning yellow again. Online classes returned. The Yucatan peninsula has gone from being a zone of hope to retreating in the color of the traffic light, which forces us to take distance again with normal life. The health authorities have recommended that precautions be taken, especially that activities that involve crowding of people be stopped, something that was not taken into account at Easter, with the bars and discos in full swing. The economy has always played its card in the face of the pandemic in these tourist areas. But a break in illness can wreck the respite the hotel business boasted.

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