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COVID19: 13,000 vaccination points in Spain; November 22, 2020 | Society



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Sánchez has advanced the key points of this vaccination plan in which it is intended to give “total accessibility” to the entire population “wherever they live.”

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this Sunday that Spain will have 13,000 points of vaccination against COVID-19 and a unique strategy at the national level.

In an appearance from the Palacio de la Moncloa, Sánchez has advanced the key points of this vaccination plan in which it is intended to give “total accessibility” to the entire population “they live where they live”.

The president of the Central Executive has advanced that Spain will communicate tomorrow, Monday, that the accumulated incidence of coronavirus cases is below 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, a data that he has assured that demonstrates the effectiveness of the state of alarm in vigor.

The Chief Executive has also indicated that Spain, the first country along with Germany to have a complete vaccination plan, will account for ten percent of the 1,200 million expandable doses that the European Union will be able to make available through the five contracts that you have already signed to purchase them.

Regarding the vaccination plan, which will be approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers, Sánchez has announced the five key points, the first of which is that Spain will have those 13,000 vaccination points.

“Every year in Spain 10 million people are vaccinated for influenza. For this reason, it is considered that the National Health System is prepared to achieve this goal. An example: this year, in 8 weeks, 14 million people have been vaccinated, “Sánchez said.

“This year, in 8 weeks, 14 million people have been vaccinated”

Secondly, it will also ensure that all prioritized groups have access to the vaccine; and for this, as a third point, a single vaccination strategy will be agreed, which will be developed by a multidisciplinary group of experts that includes experts from the Autonomous Communities, the Interterritorial Council and bioethics.

The organization of the National Health System in Spain, based on Primary Care and universal access, which has a wide geographic distribution of health centers, will facilitate equitable access to the vaccine; and, finally, there will also be an information and registration system for monitoring and evacuation of vaccination.

Sánchez has also advanced that work is being done to ensure that logistics “guarantee the necessary temperature” for the conservation of the vaccine, stipulated in 70 degrees below zero.

Finally, it has revealed the commitment of the Spanish Government to increase “up to 10,000” the positions of professionals with health training to strengthen the health services of the Autonomous Communities and strengthen the national health system.

“A very powerful and very resounding commitment from all the institutions and that reinforces the permanent commitment of this Government to public health. Only in anti-Covid health plans, our country doubles the EU average. We invested 120 euros per person. That and the vaccination plan should make us feel proud “, he concluded.

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