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Cowboys’ Jerry Jones ‘can’t remember’ the last time he was so disappointed as after wild-card loss to 49ers

There was no shortage of opportunities for the Cowboys to advance into the 2022 NFL playoffs on Sunday against the 49ers. The fans seemed to know it, the media seemed to know it, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones certainly seemed to know it.

The game ended when Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott ran 17 yards to the San Francisco 24-yard line but was unable to spike the ball in time for a final play. Before that, the Cowboys had momentum after scoring 10 points in a 3:06 stretch late in the fourth quarter and forcing San Francisco to punt twice in the final five minutes, even with 32 seconds remaining.

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“I really thought the score was not indicative of the game. The way our team defended and got into the game gave our team a chance there. I was very proud of them,” Jones said. “The way the game was flowing, the team shouldn’t have been in that position for the last play of the game to have been somewhat controversial.”

Jones repeatedly expressed a general feeling about the game and the season: disappointment.

“When I look at the year, I feel one way. But the year, a big part of it, when you have a team like this, they’re winning tonight and we didn’t win tonight. It’s a big disappointment,” he said. “I’m pleased that a lot of people gave what they could tonight and gave what they did to get here. We had a team that all year long would basically disappoint to a point and then turn around and show themselves.”

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Although Jones was candid about his disappointment, he was far more coy when speaking about the status of second-year coach Mike McCarthy, whose decision-making in the game was heavily scrutinized.

He also downplayed concerns about his team’s preparation for the game. Dallas fell to an early 13-0 deficit and punted on its first two drives.

“I don’t even want to discuss something like that at this particular point. I’m not going to talk about training, preparation or anything like that. That’s not on the table. The game speaks for itself,” Jones said.

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However, he was more revealing about his thoughts on Prescott and the overall construction of the roster.

Not only does he feel like the team needs to succeed, but he also understands the perception that his teams have struggled against top-tier teams and can’t make much of a headway in the playoffs.

While the game may leave questions about the coach’s plays or the future of certain people, there was no question about how Jones felt.

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