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Create your own dried flowers at home

Create your own dried flowers at home.

The flores they are usually synonymous with joy. Now, that the colors of autumn flood everything, it is the ideal time to decorate your house with bouquets of dried flowers. You can choose to buy them directly but if you want a much more original and personal result, we recommend that you dry them yourself in home. If you do not know how to do it, do not despair, with these simple tricks for drying flores at home you can do it quickly. You will love the result. In addition, it is much cheaper than buying it since it is an ideal way to take advantage of flowers and inside plants. With these techniques you can decorate your house with plants dry and achieve a unique and very cozy atmosphere.

How to dry flowers at home?

There are several techniques for drying flowers at home. We are going to focus on the three that we consider the simplest.

1.- Dry a bouquet of flowers

If they have given you a nice bouquet of flowers and it makes you very sad to think that in a few days the flowers will wither, try drying it. In this way you can have it at home for a long time and it will add a different touch to your home. The technique is simple. Keep the bouquet mounted and turn it over. Use the packaging it is carrying to “hang” it upside down using a clothes hanger. By being in this position, the flowers will release the water they still contain more quickly and the drying process will be accelerated.

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Create your own bouquet of dried roses at home. Pixabay

Spray the flowers with hairspray and store them in a dark, dry place. A corner in a closet can be ideal for this purpose. Observe little by little how the process goes and ventilate it from time to time to prevent the flowers from rotting. In about two or three weeks you will have a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers ready to place in any corner of the house. In addition to decorating, it will serve as an air freshener.

2.- Use the microwave to dry flowers

Yes, the same microwave that you use to heat the milk can be used to dry flowers. It is the fastest way and you will only need desiccant litter (the one they sell for cats is ideal) and a microwave-safe container. Put the sand in the bottom of it and on this layer put the flowers that you want to dry. Put another layer of desiccant sand on top. Put the container in the microwave and set the timer for three minutes. Take it out and let the flowers rest next to the sand for 24 hours. After this time take them out carefully and they will be ready to decorate any corner.

Learn how to dry flowers at home and get an original and unique ornament. Pixabay

3- Books to dry flowers

This is the most typical form of dry flowers. Surely many of you already did it in school. The technique is very simple and ideal for flowers and small flat plants since the result will be, logically, some crushed leaves or flowers after spending several days in a book. We go by steps. First wrap the flowers in newspaper. This will help to extract the remaining water from the flower. Then wrap this first bundle of newspaper in thin cardboard. Seal the edges with duct tape and place it inside a thick book. Leave it in there for a week. After 7 days remove the package and repeat the process. Leave it one more week in the book. After this time (the two weeks) open the package and you have your homemade dried flowers ready to decorate your home.

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