Wednesday, July 28

Crevillent gets 640,320 euros from IVACE to improve industrial estates

The aid will boost the activity of the industrial estates of Crevillent

The aid will boost the activity of the industrial estates of Crevillent

The Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness has awarded the Crevillent City Council a grant of 640.320 euros for the improvement, modernization and provision of infrastructures and services in four of the industrial estates of the municipality, as explained this morning by the government team in a note. Aid framed within the program of improvements in infrastructures of business parks projected by the IVACE for the improvement of the environmental sustainability.

According to Manuel Penalva Alarcón, First Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Industry and Urbanism, the City Council’s request for these grants has led to the granting of 165,340 euros for each of the industrial estates: Cachapets, I-4 de la Estación and Faima ; as well as a grant of 144,300 euros for the Crevillente Industrial estate. In addition, at the end of last year 2020 they obtained the provisional classification of Basic in accordance with the Law of Industrial Areas of the Valencian Community.

Manuel Penalva is grateful for the invaluable work carried out again by the Crevillent Industrial Management Office, which has developed it in close collaboration with the Municipal Technical Office and the Town Planning area of ​​the City Council, and without whose contribution, both in the writing of the reports techniques and supervision of the entire process, it would have been more complex to obtain such a beneficial result for the locality.

The councilor and the mayor, in one of the industrial estates of Crevillent

“It is a real satisfaction for any politician responsible that the daily work carried out to improve the urban environment and industrial spaces of the town has its fruits, which undoubtedly it will have a positive effect on the Crevillentina economy with the establishment of new companies and the consolidation of existing ones, and inevitably in the creation of quality employment”Adds Penalva.

As the mayor, José Manuel Penalva, has also explained, thanks to these subsidies it will be possible to carry out actions such as the establishment of surveillance with closed circuit television, improvements in lighting and in green and road areas, as well as the paving of roads, the implementation of an eco-park and fiber optics for the improvement of telecommunications, and of a waste management system in the Polígono de Cachapets.

“We are grateful for the support of the Ministry with the granting of this important amount, it will help us to value and improve the image, mobility and infrastructures of these industrial spaces so important for the economic development of Crevillent and will mean an effective modernization and provision of new infrastructures and services. And something very important, these actions will also have an impact on the promotion of employment in our municipality, ”says the mayor.

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