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Crevillent launches the new Tourism website and social networks to promote the town

Presentation of the Tourism website and social networks at the Center Jove de Crevillent

Presentation of the Tourism website and social networks at the Center Jove de Crevillent
Crevillent Town Hall

The Crevillent City Council presented yesterday at the Center Jove the new Tourism website, which from now on will serve to project a much more modern and attractive image of the municipality from the outside. Something in which the creation of Tourism social networks will also collaborate, which as of today have profiles on Facebook (@visitaCrevillent) and Instagram (@visitacrevillent).

The mayor of Crevillent, José Manuel Penalva, has commented that this is an important step since the Tourism page is “the gateway to our town, of which we should feel even more proud after seeing this website, as we contemplate the great quantity and diversity of tourist resources that we have to offer to our visitors. And that is reflected in this web page, dynamic and very attractive”. The mayor has also announced that work is being done to modernize and adapt the main website of the City Council, with the aim of advancing in digital adaptation in such a fundamental matter, which serves to provide service and keep citizens informed.

Marta Candela, Tourism technician, explaining the characteristics of the website together with the Mayor of Crevillent, José Manuel Penalva, and the Councilor for Tourism, Josep Candela

Josep Candela, Councilor for Tourism, explained that the creation of a new Tourism page was a priority in his area, since the previous one did not work properly and had become obsolete. “For us it is important to update and modernize our tourist image to attract tourists to visit us and promote consumption in our population, so we consider it very positive to be able to present it this summer. The work that we now present honors those we were looking for and wanted to represent, a very dynamic, intuitive and visual page. We have a decided and clear commitment to value our tourism and do so through a renewed and professional image”Has affirmed the mayor.

Both the mayor and the Councilor for Tourism have highlighted and thanked the work of Marta Candela, Tourism technician and person in charge of the content of the web; by Xavier Almagro, Crevillentino programmer in charge of the technical part, as well as the rest of the team that has participated in the creation of the web and social networks. From the council they have reported that the total cost has been € 1,700, a fairly low amount taking into account the characteristics and the level of quality achieved with the portal, and they have highlighted that the website is open to the participation of associations, companies and entities of the town when incorporating content of interest.

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