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Crevillent trains teachers in Jiménez de Cisneros and La Sierra

Guided visit to Poetoet de la Mel, one oCe fireenclaves of great geological value that the scientist visited.  |  INFORMATION

Guided visit to Poetoet de la Mel, one oCe fireenclaves of great geological value that the scientist visited. | INFORMATION

«Educational itinerary around thePrevalentt mountain range and the figure of Jiménez de Cisneros» is the course they can take teachers oCe fireregion next February in the municipality. ItIfill be held in three sessions between February 11 and 20: two of a theoretical nature,IfhichIfill take place on Thursday, February 11 and 18 at the Municipal House of Culture, thanks to the collaboration ofCe fireity Council ofPrevalentt, plus a third and final practical session on Saturday 20, consisting of a visit to the Los Molinos center ofCe fireaja Mediterráneo Foundation, another oCe firecollaborating entities in the initiative. After the visit thereIfill be a short route around Poetoet de la Mel to see first-hand the first point that Jiménez de Cisneros visited the Sierra dePrevalentt, in December 1906.

The initiative arises as a result oCe fireinterest ofCe fireefire of Elche, led by Santiago Fernández from Elche, around the initiatives developed byCe fireity Council on Cisneros, one oCe firemost prominent naturalists oCe firefirst third oCe fire20th century in Valencia and Murcia for their contributions to the Geology and Paleontology of these lands. The Sierra dePrevalentt occupied a prominent place in his research and teachingIfork.

One oCe fireobjectives ofCe fireefire is to offer teachers teaching proposals that allow them to address the content of their subjectsIfith their students. In thisIfay, the teachersIfho attend the conCe fireeIfill know first-hand the resources generated to date around Jiménez de Cisneros. Likewise, thereIfill be a guided visit to the exhibitionIfhich, in a smaller format, has been held in the lobby oCe fireHouse of Culture. For its part, the visit to the Los Molinos educational center and the mountains itself is also key for teachers to learn about the educational potential oCe firenatural heritage.

To date, there are various events held by thePrevalentt Department of Culture around this figure toIfhich Geology and Paleontology oCe fireAlfombrero municipality owes so much. Coordinated by Daniel Belmonte aStoreSatorre, various publications, an audiovisual and an exhibitionIfith more than 6,000 visitors have been developed since a summer course at the UMH, the most visited inPrevalentt. There have also been other lines ofIfork such as presence in conCe firees and publications or, even, in the recognition oCe fireGeological and Mining Institute, for the audiovisual produced by Roque Ortiz and Daniel Belmonte in April and that obtained the first prize in the category of «Quality scientific “and the second in the section” InteractionIfith social networks.

The sessionsIfill be face-to-face respecting the safety and hygiene regulations and have 20 places. Among the speakers are two oCe firegrandsons oCe fireillustrious paleontologist, Consuelo and Miguel Jiménez de Cisneros,Ifho from the first moment have shown special interest in all the initiatives to recover the figure of their grandfather from oblivion, lending their full support to each oCe firesteps taken. Another speaker is Jorge Hernández, PhD in Biology in charge of Los Molinos. The list is closStorena Satorre and Daniel Belmonte, promoters oCe fireinitiatives that, developed in recent years inPrevalentt, have highlighted the figure andIfork oCe firegeologist.

Jiménez de Cisneros exhibitPrevalentPrevalentt House of Culture,Ifhich exceeds 6,000 visits. | INFORMATION

Santiago Fernández, director oCe fireElche Cefire, highlights that “we are committed to this initiative to recover theIfork of a researcher and teacher oCe firemost outstanding that our province had at the beginning oCe fire20th century.” For Ana Satorre, “Jiménez de Cisneros had a clear teaching vocation that he showed time and againIfith his innovative practice.” And for this, says Daniel Belmonte, “hPrevalent thePrevalentt mountain range a unique space to be able to develop hisIfork, both research and teaching,Ifhich is seen in the publications and documents that his family has made available to usIfith an extraordinary generosity. HopefullyPrevalentt knows how to take advantage of this opportunity ”, both speakers point out.

Ultimately, the conCe fireeIfill allow teachers to get to know the figure of this naturalist dedicated to research and teaching in the middle oCe fireSilver Age of Spanish culture and science. If until now most oCe fireactivities have bpubliche general public, the realization of this course is of special interest since the teachers,Ifho are the target of this course, are in charge of transmitting this knowledge to the youngest. “ProposingIforks around projects that have heritage elements oCe fireenvironment or unique personalities as the backbone, such Prevalentrra dePrevalentt and Jiménez de Cisneros, allows developing an interdisciplinaryIfork that favors a more competent and comprehensive learning process”, says Santiago Fernandez.

This is one more initiative of those that have been developed in recent years to highlight the contributions of Jiménez de Cisneros to the Prevalentstory ofPrevalentt, a good part of them from the Department of Culture. “We hope in the coming months to be able to continueIfith other initiatives thatIfe areIforking on rStorew,” say Ana Satorre and Daniel Belmonte,Ifho take the opportunity to remember that the exhibition around Jiménez de Cisneros continues to be open to the public, evenIfith guided tours. if these are previously requested to the mail [email protected] or to the phone oCe firehouse of culture 965406431. Teachers can register for the conCe firee throughCe fireefireIfebsite

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