Monday, October 25

Crevillent will have 36% less investments in 2021 and will reduce its budget

Archive image of the plenary of Crevillent.

Archive image of the plenary of Crevillent.

The municipal government of Crevillent has concluded the preparation of the 2021 budget that in principle could be approved in the extraordinary plenary session on Wednesday, December 30. The accounts represent a decrease of 600,000 euros compared to the current year, as well as a 36.1% less investment is expected.

It includes an increase in the Personnel chapter of just over 800,000 euros compared to the year 2020, due to the incorporation and creation of new jobs. Thus, for example, it is contemplated to create positions of second architect, environmental technician, tourism technician, various administrative positions, janitors, administrative assistants and agents of the Local Police, and all this to alleviate the existing structural deficit in the Consistory, and with the purpose of streamlining and modernizing it, according to the local executive.

In total, the expense budget will amount to about 24.1 million euros. In 2020 it was 24.7 million, so it would drop by 600,000 euros for the new annuity. Regarding the Investments chapter, these amount to just over 2,300,000 euros. In 2020 the figure was 3.6 million.

The accounts will be debated two days before the end of the year and would go from 24.1 to 24.7 million euros

The planned investments include the municipal swimming pool, the start-up of the Social Integration Rehabilitation Center (CRIS) after several years of standstill, the urbanization of a first phase in the vicinity of the ChapĂ­ Theater, with an initial investment of 160,000 euros, and the repair and urbanization of the Ciutat Esportiva Nord.

Likewise, they want to increase the items for Social Services. In this area, with regard to Health and Housing, it is intended to give rise to a housing program due to the significant demand for requests registered in this regard by families.

Another novelty is that it is committed to a budgetary item for the promotion of municipal employment in order to relieve the long-term unemployed, and also designed for people with greater vulnerability and risk of exclusion.

Likewise, it also wants to continue with the aid for the self-employed and SMEs, with the inclusion of an item in the budget of 100,000 euros, in addition to contemplating the exemption during this next year of the public road occupancy rate and the rate of flea market, something that even wants that exemption to be extended in the first quarter of 2022.

“Consequently, it is about realistic, social and financially balanced budgets with the firm commitment of the municipal government to face the challenges presented by 2021, with the purpose of making Crevillent more dignified, humane, modern and prosperous”, as reported from the local executive.

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