Sunday, November 28

Crisis in Venezuela: the unfortunate deterioration of the University City of Caracas, architectural jewel and educational benchmark of the country

  • Victor Salmeron
  • Special for BBC World, Caracas

Fallen roof

Image source, Oswer Diaz Mireles

From November until this August 8. During those ten months, the water gushed out without restraint through a broken pipe in the Faculty of Architecture, causing a huge puddle that continuously flooded sidewalks and corridors of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

The pipeline and the lack of solution during those months are a reflection of the deterioration of the UCV university campus, an architectural and landscape jewel designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva that it does not withstand the impact of the crisis that the country is suffering.

In December 2000 the campus, a unique space where art, nature and architecture in the heart of Caracas merge in harmony, was elevated by UNESCO to the category of World Heritage Site.

But today the decadence cannot be hidden. Obsolete pipes, fractured roof, ruined landscaping, neglected works of art, dilapidated buildings, homeless sleeping in their facilities and the majestic auditorium, the Great Hall, attacked by insects.

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