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Cristiana Chamorro, the influential Nicaraguan opposition journalist who was arrested after announcing that she would face Daniel Ortega at the polls

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Chamorro Barrios

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Chamorro Barrios has dedicated a large part of his professional career to journalism.

For many Nicaraguans, Cristiana Chamorro, the influential journalist who announced that she would run as an opposition candidate for the November presidential elections and that this Wednesday she was placed under house arrest, represents a link to her country’s past.

She is the daughter of Violeta Barrios de Chamorro, the woman who won the first government of Daniel Ortega at the polls in 1990.

“The first thing any Nicaraguan would tell you about her is that, that she is Violeta’s daughter,” Ana Margarita Vijil, a political analyst and former academic at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua, tells BBC Mundo.

“Symbolically, Cristiana, who was closely linked to her mother’s government, also means for the current government the living memory of that defeat,” he adds.

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