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Cristiana Chamorro wakes up incommunicado, isolated and held in her home

The Police guard the house of Cristiana Chamorro

The Police guard the house of Cristiana Chamorro

Cristiana Chamorro Barrios, the Nicaraguan opposition figure most likely to win the November elections, in which President Daniel Ortega seeks a new reelection, dawned this Thursday incommunicado, under police surveillance and with house for jailSources close to the journalist informed Efe.

The opposition woman, accused by the Public Ministry for a case of alleged money laundering and for the one who has been disqualified by the Justice to participate in the electoral contest under the argument of “not being in full enjoyment of her civil and political rights,” she is incommunicado and isolated, the Chamorro Barrios press team told Efe , which promised more details when they have more information.

The official Twitter account of the daughter of former president Violeta Barrios de Chamorro (1990-1997), @chamorrocris, is still active, although without posting messages since the night of June 1, when she wrote: “I am not an official candidate and they intend to inhibit me. How scared they are of change. United, Nicaragua will once again be a Republic. ”

One of his brothers, the journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro, explained that Chamorro Barrios, against whom an arrest warrant was issued for the case of alleged money laundering, was left under “house arrest” after “more than five hours of police raids”.

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The Nicaraguan Police on Wednesday searched the home of the presidential candidate and is keeping it occupied, said Carlos Fernando Chamorro, winner of the Ortega y Gasset 2021 prize and who heads a group of media critical of the Sandinista government.

Judge Karen Chavarría Morales, head of the Ninth Criminal Hearing District of Managua, turned a search warrant and arrest against Chamorro Barrios, who led the NGO Fundación Violeta Barrios de Chamorro until last February, when it closed. The judge also ordered to file the proceedings, to give the legal process to the judicial process, and “once it has been apprehended and placed at the order of the judicial authority, the accused will be given the respective hearing.”

Meanwhile, the Fifth District Criminal Court of Managua Circumscription Hearings ruled “the precautionary measures requested by the Public Ministry” against Chamorro Barrios, accused by the crimes of abusive management, ideological falsehood, both in real bankruptcy with money, property and assets laundering.

The Prosecutor’s Office, led by former Sandinista guerrilla Ana Julia Guido, requested the disqualification of Chamorro Barrios, a 67-year-old journalist from public office, who two days ago asked the opposition Citizens for Freedom Alliance (CxL) to be included as a presidential candidate for the general elections of November 7. Justice also dictated immigration withholding and prohibited him from attending certain meetings or places related to the facts being investigated, so “you must refrain from attending any type of meetings or activities due to the seriousness of the crimes under investigation.”

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro Foundation, dedicated to the protection and promotion of freedom of the press and expression, “seriously breached its obligations before the Regulatory Entity, and the analysis of the Financial Statements, period 2015-2019 , clear evidence of money laundering was obtained, “for which” the Public Ministry has been informed to (open) the corresponding investigation. ”

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In this case, the Prosecutor’s Office has called testify as witnesses to a score of journalists, and also the writer, novelist and former vice president of Nicaragua Sergio Ramírez Mercado in his capacity as legal representative of the NGO Fundación Luisa Mercado, who maintained a relationship with the Fundación Violeta Barrios de Chamorro.

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