Thursday, December 9

Cristiano Ronaldo signs the perfect return to Old Trafford with two goals

  • “Cristiano? He does his thing, basically, and he does it that well,” says Solskjaer after the Portuguese’s dazzling return.

“Cristiano? He does his thing, basically, and he does it that well.” These were the words of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Manchester United coach, to define the performance of his new forward, 36, a legend from another era, who is determined to continue making history in the Premier League. Cristiano Ronaldo, the name of the weekend in England, did not disappoint and sentenced Newcastle with a double. The perfect return to the Theater of Dreams. And, who knows, if the corroboration that this United is ready to compete for everything.

The Norwegian coach gave Old Trafford what they asked for with the ownership of Ronaldo. “I did not doubt it for a moment, in any way. For something is Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a day to enjoy with the fans, and I think we have done it.” The two goals of the Portuguese defeated a Newcastle that aimed for the perfect victim and ended up presenting a battle. Tied those of Steve Bruce after the break, and only abdicated when Ronaldo hit them a second time.

Party since warm-up

Cristiano’s party began in the warm-up, applauded at each touch of the ball, but subsided until the break. Manchester United have a remarkable gathering of attacking talent, but they still appear to be lacking in tactical records when their rival locks in behind. Stuck in positional attack Ronaldo suffered. But his unrivaled scoring instinct rescued him and the Red Devils alike.

On the brink of halftime, he opened the can without showing off, pushing a rebound from goalkeeper Woodman off Greenwood into the small area. The 74,000 spectators at Old Trafford broke into a shout, celebrating the perfect moment. Even the box was raised, where no one was missing. From Jorge Mendes, agent and architect of the return of the Portuguese, to the family Glazer, the property of the club, who have not been in Old Trafford since 2019, scared by the bad press that surrounds them in their own home.

Manchester came to rest to the sound of “Siuuu!” from Madeira, and came back with a scare: the Newcastle draw. The ‘magpies’ had had several cons, exposing the deficiencies of United, and in the resumption the Spanish punished Manquillo.

The Portuguese connection with Bruno Fernandes

Those of Steve Bruce they threatened to spoil the party, but Christian he was not for work. A few minutes later, when the game was breaking, he started to run as if time was not passing for him. He received the pass from Shaw, wriggled Clark and beat Woodman with a left foot. Pure efficiency. And again, the scream.

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There, Newcastle already resigned, and Bruno fernandes and Lingard enlarged the wound of those of Steve Bruce, who decided to surrender to Christian at the end of the game: “If there is any superstar above the rest, it has to be him. This afternoon we witnessed it. A killer instinct. Ronaldo is something else ”.

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