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Cristina Gómez paints the dome and arches of the Chapel of Health in Esparragalejo

Cristina next to the scene of the Virgin and the cowboy. / SG

This versatile artist has captured the scene of the apparition of the virgin to the cowboy under the oak

The Esparragalejana painter Cristina Gómez López has made the most important work of her pictorial career in the hermitage of the Virgen de la Salud. She has been in the dome and arches of the country sanctuary, reflecting the legend of the appearance of the patron saint of Esparragalejo in the La Espadaña estate. After making this work known on social networks, the expectation is such that they are considering opening the temple for a few days for visits.

The Government Board of the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Salud told her the idea they had to paint the dome and she made a sketch for them to carry it out. From the beginning the idea was to represent the scene of the apparition of the Virgen de la Salud to the cowboy, under the holm oak in which she appeared, surrounded by the meadow where the hermitage is located. Then the three arches were also painted and there they wanted to represent a heaven of angels carrying elements that allegory the Virgin, with fabric ribbons with messages to the Patron. A sky that makes a corridor and takes us to the dome and the main scene. To make this work she has used water-based enamels.

This work began on February 29, 2020, with the assembly of the platform of two bodies of scaffolding and the painting began in March of that year, just before confinement. The mural painting of the dome was finished in June 2020. And then the project was enlarged by also painting the arches. They were carried out during 2021, finishing the work in its entirety in March 2022, to be inaugurated and blessed in the pilgrimage of health, on May 1.

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«I am very proud of the work done and the reception it has had. I have received many congratulations and that is pleasing after so much work. In Esparragalejo there is a lot of devotion to the Virgen de la Salud and expectations were very high, but they liked the work, so happy. This project is the most important that I have faced, along with forming my own artistic brand, Artepelusa, which has not been easy either, “says the artist.

The arches, with angels carrying ribbons with messages to the Patron Saint. /


Cristina has a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting, from the University of Seville. For two years she worked as a designer of hand-painted rhythmic gymnastics leotards for important clubs on the national scene. She has made exhibitions and is part of the world of volunteering in socio-cultural activities in the Xámacka Extremadura Association, in which she has been in charge of the design and caricatures of the magazine La Guákara since 2009. She is also the set designer for the Xámacka-La Guákara in all its editions.

He has set up his workshop in Esparragalejo. «I keep working on what makes me happy, which is painting and art in general. So I continue creating through Artepelusa and capturing any idea by personalizing all kinds of accessories, clothes, furniture, etc. », she concludes.

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