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Cristina Plazas (‘I’m alive’): “Second chances will be more present than ever in this fourth season”

‘I’m alive’ returns tonight to La 1 with a fourth season loaded with much-anticipated returns. One of them will be that of Cristina Plazas, who returns to the fiction created by Daniel Écija produced by TVE in collaboration with Globomedia and Good Mood to give life to Marta, the meliiza sister of Laura Beltrán, a character who died at the beginning of the third batch of chapters. YOTELE talks to the actress about the fourth season of ‘I’m alive’.

What are we going to see starting this Wednesday in the fourth season of ‘I’m alive?

It is a season that is corrected and increased as they say. I think we have viewers prepared to assume that ‘I’m alive’ is that series that mixes genres such as comedy, drama, science fiction, horror … The followers will enjoy it a lot.

I imagine that it will also be a milestone for you to reach a fourth season in the current audiovisual landscape.

Also with the risk that ‘I’m alive’ has. It is true that it is not the first time that Daniel Écija as creator has made an ordeal of these characteristics. Let’s remember ‘Aguila Roja’, which was on TVE for many seasons, but the question with ‘I’m alive’ was where it would go. Not only have we done a fourth, but ‘I’m alive’ has a lot of life left because the screenwriters make up each story that seems to have their heads full of ideas. I do not say I or who could be.

What has it been like to record in the middle of the pandemic? Was it the hardest season to record?

Definitely. First by the feeling of all of us. We are practically family and to see each other again, not being able to hug each other and not being able to look each other in the face … If I see the team again without masks, I will have to recognize them again because we have spent six months only seeing their eyes. That’s hard. I am aware that it is for everyone, but when you have already gotten used to it.

It is also a sensitive material because when actors and actresses have to rehearse it is very important to look at ourselves globally. We did rehearsals with a mask and it was very difficult to interpret with it on. In addition, I have to say that ‘I’m alive’ is one of the productions that have had the luckiest because neither Filomena nor the covid have been able to beat us. It was tough, but we did it easily. It has been harder for the health workers who are saving your life every day.

You return in this fourth season as Marta, Laura Beltrán’s twin sister, who died at the beginning of the third season after an accident … What can you tell us about her?

Viewers know that Laura was resurrected, but in her neighborhood and in her world she died. She returns with this new identity and opening a bar with Sebas (Jesús Castejón). There will be a story in which there is a certain danger of knowing who she is, but her name is Marta. From the beginning, it is seen that she recovers her family and friends forever, but before the world it cannot be her.

When he was in the body of the Verónica police station (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), in the third season, Márquez (Javier Gutiérrez) dared to tell Laura his true identity. Is this fact also going to be present in these new chapters?

Everything that has happened in the third season with Verónica will transcend in this fourth. We start the new episodes knowing everything. Now Laura also knows that Márquez is Andrés Vargas.

At the press conference, you said that ‘I’m alive’ is a series of second chances that also talks about the possibility of getting out of any hole. In addition to Laura’s return as Marta, are those second chances especially noticeable in this fourth season?

Totally. I can’t tell you much about the plots, but second chances will be more present than ever. There are very powerful things about this. Specifically, in this season, we see that not even what happened to you when you were a child or young person prevents your life from going well. There is always a time when you can go back and get back on track. Once again, in ‘I’m Alive’, he gives the characters the opportunity to make a clean slate in their lives and regain happiness.

In this presentation, Daniel Écija also anticipated that there would be more humor in these chapters, assuring that in this horrible year we had to laugh. Will it be the main ingredient of this season within the gender balance of ‘I’m alive’?

I don’t know if it will be the main ingredient, but there is more humor. Somehow, the viewers who have accompanied us throughout these seasons have seen that the characters have experienced moments of maximum tension. For example, Laura lost her husband and then she and her daughters died and were resurrected. There are a number of things that make the characters are located in a place that is not ours. They know of the existence of ‘La pasarela’ and they have a kind of hope in the things that are happening. This season begins with a blackout. Instead of living it as in the first season, which was like no continuity solution, now what we see are characters who have hope. There is a moment of pain, but there is a lot of humor, hope and mystery.

Do you think that hope was more necessary than ever to transmit it from the series right now?

Yes. I think it was completely intentional. I think there has been a desire from Daniel Écija and the scriptwriters to move forward with enthusiasm and joy so that people have a good time and enjoy watching the series. There are great dramas, but there is also a lot of friendship, good vibes, problems that are relativized …

The plots of the series do not refer to the pandemic, but when 1,000 people died in parallel a day and it was a horror to watch the news, we also saw that people’s ability to reinvent themselves in their own homes, inventing a way to move on. There is a human spirit of survival and positivity that was impressive, without taking an ounce of drama out of what we have experienced. How incredible that ability to overcome. Well, in ‘I’m alive’ this happens. They are characters who have lived through hard things all the time and face life like that family that pulls forward. They are ‘The Avengers’ of Vallecas.

In this fourth season, Anna Castillo will not be part of the cast of ‘I’m alive’ either. Do you see his return possible in the future?

You never know. We go in and out of the ‘I’m alive’ family. Look what happened to me in season three. On the one hand, it makes you angry that your character is not there, but I did another series with other characters with different plots. This also works like this. Fictions are not life. I watch the American series and I tell myself that the actors have had to sign the five seasons because if not, there is no one who believes that an actor is five seasons in a row in a series and they do not offer him other series.

On the other hand, Guiomar Puerta, Almagro San Miguel and Pablo Vázquez are the new signings of this fourth season. What can you tell us about their characters?

We are going to have some additions that you are going to hallucinate. I’ve really blown away the new teammates. There is a spectacular villain, a curator who is a great guy …. There are many new characters who bring us novelty, mystery and desire to know.

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