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Criticism of the Hydrographic Confederation for the release of the Alange reservoir

Alange reservoir during the discharge of water. / TODAY

Apag Asaja calls for the resignation of its president in the face of the difficult situation that the Guadiana basin is going through, while the CHG insists: it will not affect the water supply

Apag Extremadura Asaja has criticized the action of the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation (CHG) for yesterday’s unloading of the Alange reservoir “despite – they explain from the agrarian organization – its critical situation”. In addition, the agrarian leader Juan Metidieri considers that the president of the CHG “should resign from his position if there is no convincing explanation for this action.”

“This unloading is totally inconceivable as the Guadiana basin is, so I have immediately asked for explanations of the reasons that have led to this discharge of water,” Metidieri declared.

Thus, according to Apag Extremadura Asaja, they do not understand this release “when even crops are being prohibited and restrictions are being placed. It is not acceptable to allow the discharge of water for the Portuguese flow, much less, so that it is turbined and the electricity companies make the August at the expense of the citizens, for which an explanation is urgently needed from the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation ».

In fact, and as mentioned above, “in the event that it does not happen immediately and is clear to everyone”, Apag Extremadura Asaja will request the resignation of the president of the basin “since it is not possible to act with the water in a capricious way, especially with the hardships that the Extremaduran countryside is going through ».

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“It is already good that politicians and their positions of trust do what they want without explaining it to the citizens,” concluded the president of the agrarian organization.

“It was already scheduled”

For its part, from the Guadiana Hydrographic Confederation they have declared to HOY that the unloading of the Alange reservoir was already approved by the Unloading Commission in the irrigation campaign on April 7, something that they already knew from the organization.

“This unloading has had support. Town halls, irrigation through irrigation communities, hydroelectric, industrial uses are represented… These discharges are made but the water supply is always guaranteed. As on this occasion, “they have assured.

Recent drought protests

Last Thursday, members of the UPA-UCE agrarian organization gathered in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, in Mérida, to demand aid in the face of the “absolute inaction of the Junta de Extremadura with the problem of drought.”

“Today we come to denounce that Extremadura’s irrigators are experiencing a catastrophic situation and, meanwhile, the Junta de Extremadura looks the other way as if nothing were happening”, reaffirmed the general secretary of UPA-UCE, Ignacio Huertas, in statements to the media during the protest.

According to the calculations of the agrarian organization, there will be almost 60,000 hectares of irrigated land that will either not be able to be irrigated or will have significant restrictions on the use of water for irrigation, with the damage that this entails for the most affected producing areas of crops. such as tomato, corn or rice.

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