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Criticisms of the Oscar nominees for best film | Oscar Awards 2021

Among the nominees for the best film at the Oscars are The father, the first feature film by French playwright Florian Heller, The Chicago 7 Trial, de Aaron Sorkin, un screenwriter who stirred the waters of one of Hollywood’s great subgenres, O Nomadland, an existential western about the 21st century economic crisis where Chloé Zhao adapts Jessica Bruder’s book Nomadic country.

The films have been reviewed by Elsa Fernández-Santos, Javier Ocaña and Carlos Boyero.

Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins, in 'The father'.

THE FATHER. Florian zeller

Anthony is an 80-year-old man determined to live, but begins to suffer from senile dementia. In the protagonist’s encounters with his daughter, his caregiver and his son-in-law, the interpreters change their identity, showing the accompanying faces of a memory that has been damaged forever, and the drifts of insecurity in a man who feels not only stunned but also duped.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Danny Flaherty, Eddie Redmayne, Jeremy Strong and Mark Rylance, in 'The Chicago 7 trial'.


Seven detainees during a demonstration against the Vietnam War are tried in 1969. On the same bench sat some of the leaders of the left and of the civil movements accused of conspiring against national security and of being responsible for the serious street riots that had occurred a year earlier in Chicago during the Democratic Party convention.

Frances MacDormand, in 'Nomadland, by Chloé Zhao.


A widow leaves her dying small town in Colorado to travel with a caravan to the western United States. During his aimless journey, he will take temporary jobs to support himself and connect with other nomads who live on the fringes of American society.

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Daniel Kaluuya in a scene from


A young black criminal in 1960s America is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the Black Panthers and follow the activities of their leader, the African-American revolutionary activist Fred Hampton. The young man rises in the ranks of the organization without knowing that it will be the undoing of Hampton.

Carey Mulligan, in 'A Promising Young Woman'


A bright future awaited Cassie; she was an exemplary student who aspired to be a doctor. But a traumatic event changes the course of her life and she decides to take justice into her own hands: at night she acts as if she is drunk and takes revenge on the men who come to take advantage of her.

Gary Oldman, and 'Mank'.

MANK. David Fincher

The story of Herman Mankiewicz, screenwriter of Citizen Kane (1941), and the filming process of the creation of Orson Welles. The film describes his relationship with the people who cared for him, with studio owner Louis B. Mayer, with William Randolph Hearst and his lover Marion Davies, with his long-suffering and loyal wife, and his ongoing struggle with himself and with the world.

MINARI. Lee Isaac Chung

The Yi, a family of Korean immigrants in the United States, try their luck with a farm in Arkansas. The difficulties of sowing, the adjustments of a new home and generational clashes will define his path while waiting to reap its fruits.

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