Wednesday, December 8

Cruel punishment to a great Elche

The group from Elche completed a remarkable meeting. He handcuffed the Madrid team, even going ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Dani Calvo in the 60th minute, which raised hopes of achieving the dream of winning for the first time in history in the white fiefdom. But Benzema, once again, returned to save the meringues, who added three points that allow them to continue with hopes of fighting for the league title.

Write, despite having to play three games in nine days – the postponed game of the day is played on Thursday in Seville and on Sunday in Getafe – he was brave from the start and did not rotate. He opted for his eleven gala, with the return of Mojica, after overcoming his discomfort, to the left side; and with his two forwards reference: Lucas Boyé and Guido Carrillo above.

On the way out, Zidane was more conservative. He opted for three centrals: Varane, Sergio Ramos, who returned after the meniscus operation to which he was subjected on February 6; and Nacho. Lucas Vázquez and Mendy were more extreme than lateral and the Madrid coach thought about the Champions League match against Atalanta and left Modric and Kroos on the bench.

In the first 15 minutes, the Madridistas took control and dominance of the game, but without hurting a French-green team, which was defending itself with order and well planted on the pitch.

Little by little, the Elche team began to stretch until they were able to take the ball away from the whites. The first half ended with 55% -45% possession. Escribá’s team pressed higher and higher and took advantage of the gaps that Lucas Vázquez and Varane left on the right wing, which Mojica and Fidel knew how to take advantage of to bring danger.

Elche had the first setback after half an hour with Barragán’s injury, which forced him to be replaced by Cifu.

Until minute 33, Madrid did not shoot on goal. Benzema tried from afar without embarrassing Edgar Badia.

The two best chances in the first half were franjiverdes. A head pass from Boyé that left Carrillo alone intercepted him with the tips of Courtois’ fingers. And when the first act was about to end, Mojica put a good ball into the area, Carrillo let it pass between his legs and Boyé did not control well when he was alone. The 0-0 break did justice.

At the start of the second half, the Whites tried to speed up the movement of the ball. The game was agitated from minute 53. Ramos claimed a penalty for a possible grab by Marcone inside the area. The referee signaled the Madrid captain’s fault.

The controversy was not lacking in the Madrid area either, in a fall of Guido Carrillo. The referee decreed offside, the only thing that did not exist.

The pulsations began to rise in both teams and in the 60th minute, in a corner kick, Tete Morente put the ball into the area and Dani Calvo, entering from behind, connected a perfect header that, after hitting the crossbar, was introduced with suspense in goal (0-1). Seeing is believing. Elche was beating Real Madrid and dreamed of storming the white den for the first time.

Modric, Kroos and Rodrygo exit

The Zidane panorama was so black that he made three changes at once. He took out his praetorian guard: Modric and Kroos and Rodrygo for Ramos, Isco and Valverde. The Madrid game began to flow better and the franjiverdes were retreating before the local pressure and to safeguard the advantage on the scoreboard.

The people of Elche were holding up quite well until in the 73rd minute, the Madrid stars joined. Kroos took a corner in cut towards Modric and the Croatian put a measured center to the far post, where Benzema beat Lucas Boyé in the jump and headed the tie.

There were 20 minutes ahead and anything could happen.

Escribá moved the bench to balance Madrid’s numerical superiority in the center of the field. Maybe he should have done it a little earlier. He removed a forward (Lucas Boyé) and reinforced the spinal cord with Nuke Mfulu, to help Marcone and Raúl Guti in the containment work, who were being overwhelmed.

And at times he succeeded. Casemiro looked for the goal twice. One in a launch with the instep that went brushing the post and another in a header, after a cross from Nacho.

The franjiverde coach decided to defend the tie with three centrals. He put Diego González for Guti, losing a piece in the center of the field. And Josema as the left lane overtaking Mojica to the position of Fidel, who was already out of air.

Madrid locked Elche in their area. Nacho tried his luck and Edgar Badia stopped the ball in two halves. The minutes did not pass and the meeting was an agony for the franjiverdes, who saw the tie close. Until in the extension time, in the 91st minute, Rodrygo, who improved his team’s game, made a wall with his chest with Benzema in the front of the area and the Frenchman brought out his enormous quality with a crossed shot, Edgar Badia could not reach, who slipped tight to the post (2-1).

The white joy contrasted with the enormous disappointment of the French-green players (yesterday in red and blue stripe), who were left with honey on their lips and who saw how, after a great game, they returned, once again, to return from emptiness of the madridista fiefdom.

It was a hard blow, although with cold analysis it can be considered a “sweet defeat” because they stood up to a whole Real Madrid and had him against the ropes, although they did not finish him off and left him alive. And when that happens, you know what happens.

At least there remains the satisfaction of the good image shown, that the team continues to grow with the passing of the meetings and that, in this way, it will be more feasible to achieve the goal of permanence.

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