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Crystal Hefner lost thousands of followers after removing implants from her body

Hugh y Crystal Hefner.

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Crystal Hefner, the widow of Hugh Hefner, She has decided to remove “everything fake” from her body and refrain from posing for revealing photos from now on.

In a post on her social networks where she appears wearing a turtleneck, the former Playboy model explains that in the last five years, her posts have gone from being “not suitable for work”, in reference to her unmodest nature, to be more “real”.

I removed everything fake from my body and deleted all my old photos. I am more authentic, more vulnerable and I feel like I am more of me, ”said Crystal, 35, who married the Playboy founder in 2012 and remained by his side until his death in 2017.

Later, he admitted that his number of followers on social networks increased during his years in Playboy, but with the disappearance of sexy photos and after adopting his more modest appearance, they have decreased by the thousands.

“Certain photos make you have more followers. In short, sex sells ”, he asserted. But now it has changed. When I made this transition, I thought, ‘Will my account survive?’ is that I saw that the followers fell by the thousands every day, “he shared.

However, she feels more like herself now, as she ended up talking about having a better relationship with her body after years in the Playboy mansion.

“I feel like all the people here with me right now really care and are involved in my life in a positive way and for that I thank you. I hope that all of you can stay true to yourself and what feels good for you too, because there is a certain power that comes from that that you can’t find anywhere else, ”he posted on Instagram where he accumulates 3 million followers.

In October 2020, Crystal was on the brink of death when she underwent a fat transplant operation. During this surgical manipulation, fat cells are pumped from one part of the body and injected into another area.

“I lost half the blood in my body and ended up in the hospital needing a transfusion,” he also revealed on his platform.

Although this is not the first case in which he almost died on the operating table. In 2016, he removed some toxic implants.

“I should have learned my lesson the first time, but I think the universe keeps sending you the same lesson until you learn it,” he acknowledged.

“The way our culture defines beauty makes it impossible to keep up. Women are too sexualized. I know it from the worst experience “Crystal Hefner

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