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Crystals next to the playground in Badajoz

Be careful, there are crystals. The warning is made by Cristina Prado to an athlete who runs through the North Round of San Roque. The notice is made by this neighbor, a mother of two children, while she points to the rubble and glass that has been abandoned “for weeks” on a plot of land on Calle Hermanos Vidarte and Calle Bilbao.

“My husband tells me that I am obsessed with these crystals because he has called for them to be taken away, but in the afternoon hundreds of children from the neighborhood pass by here and anyone escapes and takes something from the ground,” laments Cristina Prado. This resident of San Roque is concerned because the lot where there is glass and debris is in front of the children’s playground on Hermanos Vidarte street, one of the most popular areas among children in the neighborhood.

The state of this lot is also a concern for dog owners in San Roque, as there are hundreds of broken windows. For that reason they ask that it be cleaned as soon as possible and demand that the maintenance of the empty land in Ronda Norte be improved, in general.

It is not the first time that the residents of this area of ​​San Roque demand maintenance on the neighborhood lots. Ronda Norte had a great real estate expansion until 2008 and the crisis in the sector caused many plots to remain unoccupied. Some are in good condition, but most are not fenced and weeds grow out of control.

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«The worst is in summer, of course. I have one in front of Junco Street, it faces the kitchen window and we have huge mosquitoes. As soon as the heat hits, we neighbors know that we are going to have bugs,” laments Dolores Jiménez, another neighbor who adds that the greatest fear, however, is that they will burn and damage parked cars or even buildings.

It already happened. In 2017, the fire from a plot in Ronda Norte reached the terrace of an attic. The awning began to burn and the flames spread around the outside of the house. There has also been damage to several vehicles.

The municipal regulations oblige the owners of the lots that are in the urban area to have them cleared, clean and fenced. Violators may face a penalty.

The municipal ordinance that was launched in 2014 included penalties of 250 to 1,500 euros for owners who did not clear their plots. The City Council has denounced following this regulation since 2017. In fact, in 2020 the Badajoz Consistory denounced the owner of a piece of land in the Llera neighborhood with 1,200 euros for not having his plot clean. The affected appealed the fine, but a court agreed with the municipal officials.

«It starts to get hot and there is not a single cleared lot. There are lands that burned last year, burned the previous year and have all the ballots to burn this year. Don’t they have anyone to clean this up? “Asks Juan Ramón Martín, another resident of the North Round.

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The cleaning of these lots, if they are private, is the responsibility of their owners. The City Council could carry out the collection of the debris or glass and then pass the cost on to the owners.

Be that as it may, the neighbors consider cleaning the area a priority. “We have seen rubbish of all kinds. Bags because someone did not want to go to the container and even irons that once I removed one out of fear, but we are talking about crystals next to a playground. I don’t think they want an accident to happen and we put our hands to our heads,” asks Cristina Prado, who warns: “I will keep calling until they withdraw it.”

the middle street

The unbuilt lots are not the only consequence that the real estate bubble left in the North Round. One of the residential buildings on Esteban Sánchez street was not finished. Those responsible have finished and sold two thirds of the development, but there is an unfinished portal. As the houses were not completed, the section of sidewalk in front of this building was not urbanized either.

That supposes that there is a sidewalk of Esteban Sánchez that is halfway. In one section the neighbors can walk normally, but in another they are walking on cement with holes and with vegetation growing in the pedestrian zone. This situation has been going on for 12 years and causes problems, especially for people with reduced mobility or families who walk around this area with pushchairs, very crowded access to the Ronda Norte shopping park and future entrance to the new Badajoz courts that are being built just a few meters away.


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