Friday, October 22

Cs begins its debate to try to rearm itself as a liberal option

C's celebrates its 15th anniversary as a political formation

C’s celebrates its 15th anniversary as a political formation
Andreu Dalmau

Citizens begins their debates this Saturday in the first Convention that brings together militants and affiliates in order to rearm a party, sunk after the elections in Catalonia and Madrid, and which seeks to be liberal center and flee from radicalism.

The deputy secretary general of the orange formation Edmundo Bal inaugurates this Convention at the Palace of the Dukes of Pastrana in Madrid to emphasize European liberal policies without ties.

A project, far from extremes, radicalisms and nationalists with “good sense and centrality”, both he and the party leaders who remember that Citizens have their own space and do not intend to move away from or approach the PP.

The party chaired by Inés Arrimadas tries this weekend to assert the gap that exists in the face of current political polarization and defend constitutional values ​​as a firewall against populism and nationalism.

And for it take as an example the liberal central European parties.

The MEP of the party of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Katalin Cseh, and the MEP of the same party, Dacian Ciolos as well as the German politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, Alexander Graf, will present their views on the new needs of Europe.

Along with them, the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas and the orange MEP and economic leader, Luis Garicano, they will make it clear that this is the political alternative in Spain.

“Europe convinces us and it is in the DNA of the party”, the also Deputy Secretary General Daniel Pérez recently pointed out and this is clear in the slogan of the Convention: “Liberals (accompanied by a heart that reflects the Spanish and European flags).

So much so, that Arrimadas has had no qualms about inviting the editor and journalist Pedro J. Ramirez to present their ideas on liberalism in a roundtable in which the vice mayor of Madrid will participate, Begoña Villacís.

Frustrated motion in Murcia and disaster in Madrid

However, Ciudadanos faces this conclave with a more than uncertain future after the frustrated motion of censure against the PP government in Murcia that caused a whole flight of militants to the PP and that led the game to electoral disaster in Madrid.

That is why the orange training also seeks to clarify its program at the municipal level, where it governs with PP and Vox in municipalities such as Madrid and in this sense, reinforcing its program with green and more ecological policies will lead it to define positions such as the linked to the controversy over the low emissions zone of Central Madrid, which those of Abascal want to reverse.

The Convention will celebrate four working groups, which will draw up some conclusions and which will focus on matters of education, the promotion of birth rates, digital rights, the quality of employment for young people, mental health, climate change or green Spain and natural heritage.

And as a background: the brand of the party, which will not be the central theme of this Assembly but which some orange fonts indicate that it could be retouched in its color or typeface.

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