Monday, March 27

CSIF calls strike in Education on May 30 in Extremadura


The union denounces non-compliance with signed agreements that have led to a worsening of the working conditions of teachers


CSIF Extremadura has called the Education strike for Monday, May 30. The union, which had already announced its intention to carry out a strike before the end of the course, indicates that public education teachers at all pre-university levels are called to strike.

The objective is to denounce “the repeated contempt for teachers from Extremadura by the Ministry of Education and Employment, as well as the breach of signed agreements that have led to a worsening of the working conditions of teachers from Extremadura.”

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the “premature start of a school year”, scheduled for September 6. He considers that this advance with respect to the usual date will prevent the proper organization of the course. “Demonstrating an absolute ignorance of the reality of an educational center, or, a disregard for the teaching work.”

They allege other reasons regarding the templates such as «the continuous closures and reduction of staff of public centers. Faced with the drop in the birth rate«. They believe that the Ministry has only responded with a reduction in teachers, without valuing and taking advantage of the opportunity to bet on authentic attention to the diversity of the student body through reduction of ratios.

Csif also alludes to the increase in the bureaucratic burden and functions that “does not entail an increase in economic supplements and in most cases with little reduction in hours, and conditioned on the availability of payroll.”

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Work-life balance

On the other hand, they consider that there is a decrease in the possibilities of work-life balance for teachers. «In recent years there has been a reduction in places for transfer competition and an increase in discretionary criteria for granting service commissions. Limiting the right to reconcile by teachers from Extremadura».

Curricular development

Regarding the curricular development of the LOMLOE, they point out that “for the first time since educational transfers, the curriculum has not been dealt with by the Education Sector Board before being dealt with by the Extremadura School Council. We remind the counselor that the curriculum and the workload of the subjects and subjects influence the working conditions of the teachers».

The union, the majority among public education teachers in Extremadura, indicates that it has brought proposals to each and every one of the drafts presented by the educational administration in the different negotiating tables. Receiving from the representatives of the Ministry “a no or a silence for an answer”.

At the moment, the PIDE and ANPE unions have not joined this strike call.

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