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Cuadrado warms up Colombia vs. Ecuador: “We must try to enforce our home. I think it’s a final “

Cuadrado could not be in the draw against Brazil.

Cuadrado could not be in the draw against Brazil.

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The extreme Juan Guillermo Cuadrado considers that the match between Colombia and Ecuador, which will be played this Thursday at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla for matchday 12 of the South American qualifiers, is “a final” on the way to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“You have to try to enforce our home and get the three points. I think it’s a final; we are motivated, thinking that it is a final, and so I think we are going to face the game “, said Cuadrado, who is expected to return as a starter after missing the match that Colombia tied 0-0 on Sunday with Brazil by suspension.

Colombia ranks fifth in the South American qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar with 15 points, while Ecuador is third with 16 points. In fourth place is Uruguay, with 16, while Paraguay is sixth with 12 and Peru seventh with 11.

The experienced Juventus player believes that Thursday’s rival, led by Argentine Gustavo Alfaro, has “Fast and strong men”, so he considers that Colombia should appeal to “possession of the ball, to play football with which we do not betray our technique”.

“It is trying to impose ourselves with that and obviously when they are trying to come to pressure with that great game they have, we must find the spaces and from there be able to hurt them. I think the most important thing (…) is going to be the result and adding three ”, added the 33-year-old.

Cuadrado also referred to the fact that he had not played against Brazil and said that “when you have a little recovery, obviously, you will feel much better.”

“I came with a lot of fatigue from so many accumulated matches and I think it helps me a little to be able to recover the level to 100% of my strength and to be able to give the best for my team, for the team, for my teammates. We are going to work in the best way to be able to have the best results ”, he said.

He also valued what they did against Uruguay and Brazil, two duels that ended 0-0 and in which, as he said, it was shown that the coffee group is “a team that is capable of playing face to face with anyone.”

“Good results were achieved by tying with two great teams, although this one that is coming is not less. Ecuador is a very great team and we can remember what happened to us (in November 2020 when Colombia lost 6-1 in Quito) ”, added Cuadrado.

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