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Cuba’s response to the historic resolution of the European Parliament

Correspondent in Havana



“The spurious and interfering resolution that has just been approved in the European Parliament reduces the credibility of that institution and reflects the double standard towards the Cuban nation. (…) We reiterate our energetic rejection of this monstrosity promoted by the most extremist representatives of the Spanish political groups Partido Popular and Vox, who have no moral authority to judge Cuba (…). A resolution like this, plagued with double standards, does not take away our sleep “, declared this Thursday the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power of the Republic of Cuba in response to the Resolution of the European Parliament (PL) against human rights violations in Cuba.

Among other aspects, the parliamentarians condemned the systematic human rights violations and political persecution on the island, mainly against peaceful dissidents, independent journalists, human rights defenders and members of the political opposition; They accused the increasing existence of political prisoners, repression and arbitrary detentions, and called on the Havana regime to respect human rights and the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (ADPC), which, almost four years after its implementation, has neither improved nor generated “any substantial and tangible positive result for the Cuban people.”

For the Cuban regime, it is a hypocritical action and a “violent, vulgar and neo-fascist rhetoric of this minority group of MEPs”, through which the EP “has played the sad role of hostage to a small group of MEPs from the extreme right obsessed with destroying the Cuban Revolution, who have a demonstrated link with organizations based in Miami financed by the United States government.

They only understand strength

The response of the Cuban regime has shown, once again, how little international opinion matters to them as long as it does not affect the pockets of the Castro family and the rest of those who hold power in Cuba, even at the expense of the deficiencies, the economic crisis and the misery of the people, mainly due to the terrible administration of the country in more than sixty years.

Only so far in 2021, the cooperation of the European Union (EU) with Cuba has increased to more than 100 million euros, according to the EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development’s own statements, Neven Mimica.

For this, the ACDP has been fundamental, to serve as channel of entry of millions of euros to the country and, therefore, support the dictatorship, because independent civil society, that is, the one that is not related to the government, these resources have not reached. In other aspects, especially that related to human rights, the Cuban regime ignores it and its European counterpart has not seemed very interested in insisting either.

In February 2021, during the human rights dialogue between the EU and Cuba, as part of the ADCP, Alberto Navarro, EU ambassador to CubaNot once did he criticize their violations on the island and went so far as to affirm that there is no dictatorship in Cuba, “of course not.”

Although historic, the EP Resolution will have a positive effect on the population if it also leads to the cut or decrease in EU funding for the Cuban dictatorship, to the repression on the island; if the EU finally decides to stop supporting a totalitarian system and directly supports the people, independent civil society. Hopefully this is the first step for it.

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