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Cubillo: «The game with Hercules is the most important of the year for them»

David cubillo

David cubillo
Alex Dominguez

Reposado, increasingly familiar with the environment, confident of victories. David Cubillo prefers not to talk about favorites and, much less, that Hercules benefits from the three-week competitive break that Alcoyano accumulates when quarantined for a positive in covid-19 of their squad after the first league match.

“This game, being a derby, is not going to be more complicated than any other, they are all super difficult. I don’t think there are favorites. For them, this is a match that they have marked on their calendar. The derby against us, from what I have been told, is the most important game of the year for Alcoyano », explains the Hercules coach, satisfied because antigen tests prior to the day’s dispute were negative in Alicante and Alcoy.

«We take all sanitary measures and that’s why we were convinced that we would all be negative, but until they give you the results, you don’t breathe easy », acknowledges the blue and white coach, who finally recovers Pedro Torres and maintains the casualties of Acuña, Benja, Pedro Sánchez and Jon Erice.

“We take all possible preventive measures, but until you get the test result you don’t breathe easy”

Unlike what he thought when it was his team who had to stop the work routine due to the presence of coronavirus in the locker room, Cubillo maintains that Deportivo’s break will not be relevant in the outcome of the derby.

“I do not think it benefits us that they have been three weeks without competing. I insist, there is no favorite. The chances of victory are 50%. It may affect them a bit, but they have surely managed to minimize the effect, ”he reluctantly agreed. “In a rivalry game, if work lacks rhythm, it is replaced with the desire to overcome the eternal rival,” he justified.

The certain absences of the exherculano Jona (traded for free in summer) and the blue and white central U23 Jose Solbes (assigned until June 30) to avoid paying the amount agreed by both entities in case of being aligned by Vicente Parras are not a crucial help for Cubillo either.

“His break has meant that we do not have much information about the rival, we focus on improving because we have room for improvement”

«It is good that our rival cannot have all his players, but surely those who replace them are going to do so highly motivated and wanting to show many things. We do not expect any weakness either because of their casualties or because of their lack of rhythm, “he reiterated.

«Alcoyano competes well, it is dangerous, it comes from a promotion and that pushes it at the beginning of the year. He has good footballers, young and old, and is very well worked tactically“Recalled the Madrilenian before admitting that his forced break” has meant that we do not have much information about the rival, so this time we have focused on ourselves, on improving. We have notions of his proposal, but the most important thing is that we focus on ourselves and improve, because we have margin, both in defense and attack. We should be able to be more effective so as not to go through so much trouble in matches that we clearly dominate, “lamented the Hercules coach.

“You cannot go tactically crazy in any field, you have to be faithful to your daily work. You can introduce a specific variant by the type of field or by the rival, but you have to trust the development of your game idea. I do not believe in specific revolutions “, emphasized Cubillo,

“I don’t believe in revolutions to go to one field or another, I think you have to be faithful to your idea of ​​the game, trust your daily work”

If you keep your word, you will not repeat the mistake made by Planagumà in the last official visit of Hercules to El Collao when, being leader, he introduced numerous changes in the eleven and in the system, trusting that the situation of Alcoyano – in decline and with Mir against the ropes – would not take its toll. Russian, with a goal from a corner kick, made the now coach of the Imabari Japanese.

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