Saturday, May 21

Cuitláhuac, the little-remembered brother of Moctezuma who showed the Mexica that the Spanish were not invincible

  • Guillermo D Olmo @BBCgolmo
  • BBC World News


A recently published comic narrates the life of Cuitláhuac.

The story of the conquest of Mexico by the Spanish has been told many times and in many ways.

The names of the Mexican king Moctezuma or the Castilian conqueror Hernán Cortés are familiar to most, but, paradoxically, there is a central character who has been said and written much less.

It is about Cuitláhuac, Moctezuma’s younger brother.

On the death of his brother in June 1520, Cuitláhuac succeeded him to the Mexica throne and led the resistance against the European invaders, whom he defeated in the so-called Noche Triste, causing numerous casualties and expelling them from Tenochtitlán, the Current Mexico City.

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