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Culture requires Tourism maximum protection of castles after management changes

That the management of the castles has passed into the hands of Tourism, after an agreement within the bipartite of PP and Citizens, is of concern in Culture. In fact, the department of Comprehensive Heritage recently sent a report to the area headed by the deputy mayor, Mari Carmen Sánchez (Cs), to demand proper maintenance of the San Fernando castle after the recent opening of doors after the reform, in direct reference to the poor condition of the albero or by the proliferation of vegetation in the surroundings of the embrasures. This was recognized this Monday, during the commission for the conservation of assets of cultural interest (BIC), the technical head of the department, who revealed that From Culture, Tourism had been “commanded” to take the appropriate steps to ensure the maintenance of the castle.

Regarding the next phases of the works, everything is still up in the air. Councilor Manresa did not promise to allocate the amount necessary for the action this year. Instead, there was talk of studying the possibility of including San Fernando in the work to shape the candidacy for World Heritage Site that the municipal government has reinvigorated, and that for now includes Santa Bárbara, Tabarca, Las Torres de la Huerta and the Tibi swamp.

But it is not only the protection of San Fernando that is of concern to the department headed by Manresa (also from Cs), but the demand for strict control of heritage has also spread to Santa Bárbara since the outsourcing of management to double visits, which It officially starts next week. «As Culture must have patrimonial control, we ask Tourism for the programming they have planned so that it is in accordance with what a BIC is. There cannot be the slightest attack on the monument. The winning company knows that, in terms of assets, not even a nail is touched, “said the technical manager. On the change of hands of the management, the Human Resources area informed the unions on Monday that, as of January 24, the workers until now assigned to the castle will go to a new “assignment”, leaving exclusively “maintenance personnel ». From the SEP they demand that the General Negotiation Table be convened so that there is a commitment to “maintain the jobs of temporary labor staff or interim civil servants until the definitive coverage of its squares».

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In addition to the castles, other assets were also discussed in the commission. As for the towers, the debate focused, on the other hand, on the tower of Aguamarga. The person in charge of Patrimony emphasized thatThe construction is “in an advanced state of destruction (practically, only the plinth remains)». According to the technician, its reconstruction would not be part of the City Council’s plans, although it would be included in the Sierra de Colmenares route promoted by the Environment, after carrying out a “surface survey” and installing informational signage.

Regarding the Torre Sarrió, whose recovery works were recently completed, the commission showed that the enhancement of the Torres de la Huerta complex is going to take a long time. In this process, the City Council is already working to involve the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ), by including one of the museum’s experts in the municipal project, “a great specialist in fortifications and orchard towers”, according to revealed the technical head of the area. “Even if the initial project to set up an interpretation center for the orchard towers is delayed, we want the facility to be made known to society,” he added. For now, the construction does not have staff nor does it have a stable visiting schedule.

70,000 euros to recover the Park of the Nations

The Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, revealed that the 2022 Budget will include an item of 70,000 euros to continue with the recovery work of the archaeological sites of the Parque de las Naciones, in the Miriam Blasco area. The next phase, according to the technicians, is planned between May and July. The bipartite seeks the enhancement of the town, through scientific research, and subsequent musealization. The technician revealed that the villa “survived” the city of Lucentum when later remains were found.

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