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Culture | The organs sound again in Murcia

The concert cycle is back ‘The Organs sound’, organized thanks to the collaboration between the Murcia City Council and the Merklin Association of Friends of the Organ of the Region of Murcia. The Councilor for Culture and Heritage Recovery, Jesus Pacheco, explained that “the name of Murcia is recognized today in Spain as an example of the promotion of organ music, through the concert cycles that have been taking place since 2015 and that contribute to the awareness of the population towards the music of organ”.

“We believe that the fact of offering an organ concert every month in Murcia is an appreciable contribution not only to the cultural panorama of the city, but also to the appreciation of the organism heritage of the municipality,” added Pacheco. In addition to for publicize organ music and increase the cultural panorama of the city, this cycle served to fine-tune the city’s organs so that they are in a position to offer concerts.

Murcia is one of the few Spanish cities where they have been built new organs: in the last two years two of these instruments have enriched the organistic heritage: that of the church of San Miguel and that of the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, both built by the renowned organ builder Frederic Desmottes.

The cycle contemplates an organ concert every month in the different organs in the municipality of Murcia, so that there is always a supply of quality music and that the organs that currently exist can be known, heard and appreciated. The organists participating in this cycle are outstanding performers both at a regional, national and international level.

The concerts will be free access A novelty that is included this year is the celebration of a series of online meetings a few days before the concert with the invited organists or with prominent personalities from the world of the organ, in order to bring the interested public closer to the personality of the interpreters and to know his vision of organ music.

The organs selected for ‘The organs sound’ are as follows:

– Great Merklin Organ of the Cathedral of Murcia (1857)

– Organ of the Church of San Miguel (2017)

– Organ of the Church of the Dominican Convent of Murcia de Santa Ana


– Organ of the Church of Santa Eulalia de Murcia (End of the 20th century)

– Organ of the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Huerta (Los Ramos) 2005

– Positive organ of the Church of San Juan de Dios de Murcia 1985

– Organ of the Church of Carmen 2019

The cycle is made up of the following recitals:

The March 18th. Oscar Candendo, Church of Carmen

The April 16th. Chamber Choir Discantus & Carlos Rafael Pérez, Hermitage Virgen de la Huerta

In mayo. Schola Antiqua, JC Asensio & Javier Artigas, Iglesia del Carmen

The June 25th. Angel Montero, San Miguel

The September 9. Luca Scandalli, Saint John of God

The October 22. Stephano Pellini & A. Tagliaferri. El Carmen

In November. VI International Organ Cycle

The December 16. Christopher Fleming and Antonio Rodríguez, Santa Eulalia


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