Wednesday, August 4

Cuomo Left Alone: ​​More Democrats Criticize Holding Power Over Sexual Harassment Accusations

The leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, questioned whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could remain in office after allegations of sexual harassment against him and asked that the events denounced by, so far, seven women be seriously investigated.

“The governor Cuomo must also look at himself and think how effective in his leadership of the state under the existing circumstances ”, indicated Pelosi this Sunday in a morning interview with the channel ABC News.

In the opinion of the Democratic leader, from the same party as the governor of New York, women who have accused you of touching and inappropriate attitude should be heard and taken seriously, while relying on state attorney general Letitia James to move forward quickly in her investigation of the allegations.

Cuomo has lost the support of more than half of New York State legislators, as well as top Democratic Party leaders, and faces the first steps of an impeachment process (known as impeachment in English) and demands for resignation after the accusations of seven women who accuse him of raping them, touching them and sexual harassment.

The leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate and senator for New York, Chuck Schumer, again today reiterated his request for the governor to resign.

“I celebrate the courage of the women who have taken the step (to report). They are multiple, serious and credible allegations of abuse, and Governor Cuomo has lost the trust of his governing partners and many New Yorkers. For the good of the state, he must resign ”, assured Schumer this Sunday.

Cuomo, publicly denounced by seven women, has denied the accusations and has ruled out resigning, despite the fact that the New York Assembly has begun to lay the groundwork for an impeachment and almost all New York congressmen on the Capitol in Washington have him withdrawn their support.

In an interview this Sunday with CBS News, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio opined that Cuomo will try to stay in power until progress progresses. impeachment and assured that his resistance to resign “is getting in the way of attempts to save lives” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

De Blasio, one of Cuomo’s most public critics, said that the politician has maintained “an imperial rule”, in reference to his aggressive style when doing politics.

The New York councilor did not want to confirm or deny whether he intends to run for governor of the state in the next elections in 2022, after exhausting his term as mayor.

The political setback for Cuomo, who was seen as a nationwide Democratic candidate, began earlier this year with revelations about his attempts to conceal the scale of COVID deaths in nursing homes across the state, joined by accusations of inappropriate treatment of women in his close circle.

De Blasio said today that he does not doubt that Cuomo wanted to hide data on the negative impact of the pandemic on nursing homes, “Because what matters to him is his political image”, as well as the campaign funds linked to the nursing home industry.

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