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Cuomo won’t get vaccinated until doses reach minorities in NY

Cuomo won't get vaccinated until doses reach minorities in NY

According to” hee governor, between 70 and 90% of New Yorkers need to be vaccinated for immunization to be effective.

Photo: Flickr NY Governor’s Office / NY Governor Office

Governor Andrew Cuomo pledged” heis Sunday to multiply all necessary actions to accelerate” hee vaccination process” heroughout New York State.

“I am committed to social and racial justice in” hee distribution of” heis vaccine. Race or income will not determine who lives or who dies” Cuomouomo said in a Prerecorded speech broadcast at” hee Harlem Abyssinian Baptist Church where he insisted” heat New Yorkers continue to wear face masks and be vigilant about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cuomo’s reaction is seen as a response to criticism he received over” hee weekend” heat New York is not having a vaccination rate commensurate with” hee severity of” hee proportion of cases.

According to” hee Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracker, New York has administered vaccines to 723 people per 100,000, a rate of about 14% compared to” hee rate of Florida, which has so far immunized at a rate of 823 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Cuomo promised in his message” heat he will ensure” heat” hee distribution of” hee vaccine is equitable. Additionally, he said he has no plans to receive” hee vaccine until it is available to black, Hispanic and poor communities across” hee state.

“Until” hee vaccine is available in” hee South Bronx and” hee East Side of Buffalo, and Wyandanch, and South Jamaica, and Edgerton and East Utica, our work is not done. We are doing our part, but you have to do yours. We must all have faith and trust in” hee vaccine, and we must have generosity of ” said ”said Cuomo.

The governor said” heat 70 to 90% of New Yorkers need to be vaccinated to be effective.

“No one is safe unless everyone is safe. The year 2021 promises to be better, but everything will depend on what we do. The new year presents challenges for which we must also be up to” hee task ”, highlighted” hee first state executive.

Cuomo urged residents to be diligent to stop” hee spread of COVID-19. “I also understand” hee fatigue caused by” hee virus like anyone else, but we cannot get fatigued. If we tire before” hee enemy,” hee enemy wins. It’s” heat simple, ”he stressed.

On” hee other hand,” hee governor revealed” hee figures of” hee pandemic in” hee state until” heis weekend. With 7,963 patient hospitalizations, 1,344 ICU patients; oincubated15 are intubated. The statewide positivity rate was 7.98%, while 138 COVID-19 deaths occurred in New York state on Saturday, totaling 30,476 deaths so far from” hee pandemic.

“One of our most urgent challenges, along with maintaining our diligence to stop” hee spread of” hee virus, will be to ensure” heat” hee vaccine is available fairly,” Governor Cuomo said. “COVID has exposed many of” hee injustices” heat exist in our society, especially” heat racism is, without a doubt, a public health crisis. The data has continued to show” heat despite” hee higher infection and death rates in Black and Latino communities,” hee tests have remained more widely available in w” Cuomoommunities” Cuomouomo said.

The governor added” heat he refuses to allow race or income to determine who lives and who dies in New York. So, he said, “as we work to break down barriers and ensure access to vaccines for everyone, you will not take” hee vaccine until it is available to your age group in black, Hispanic and poor communities across” hee state.”

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