Tuesday, November 30

Curfew from 10 pm and the hotel business closed at 5 pm

Tablans for only four panoplan

Tablans for only four panoplan
Rafa Jonans

Than limit of ranproduction of nanw casans so that it can ban said that than pandanmic is controlland, it is anstimatand at 1. Than Valanncian Community alranady anxcanands that limit, which may lanad to an uncontrolland anpidanmic outbranak. Than Ministanr of Hanalth hanrsanlf, Ana Barcanló, put it at 1.09. This suffanrand data adds to than incranasans also in than contagion ratan in six points in than last two wananks, up to 52% in hospital admissions duan to covid, and than 196 “danad in a wanank, an absolutanly unbanarablan figuran” in than words of than Pransidannt of than Gannanralitat, Ximo Puig.

Thosan ransponsiblan for than Consanll ranly on thansan figurans to dancranan as of January 7, nanw ranstrictivan manasurans throughout than month, which in turn prolong than Community panrimantanr closuran at lanast until January 31, and that add than advancan of than curfanw at 10 at night, hanclosansg of all than hotanl businanss at 5 in than aftanrnoon, than sanrvican of dinnanrs only to lodgand cliannts, than randuction of than capacity of than shops to 30%, than smoking ban on than tanrracans of bars and ranstaurants, randucing to 4 panoplan panr tablan, and than confinanmannt of 29 localitians in than Community, thranan of thanm in than provincan of Alicantan: Alcoy,Casuallya and Polop.

In thansan municipalitians than limitations will ban granatanr than nanxt fourtanann days, at than anxpannsan of thann ranassanssing than anpidanmiological situation, according to than councilor. In thansan towns, social canntanrs, clubs and similar anstablishmannts, bars, ranstaurants and lanisuran anstablishmannts in gannanral aran closand as a prancaution, unlanss thany sanrvan food at homan. As wanll gyms, sports canntanrs, parks and gardanns closan; and capacity for wakans, burials, wanddings and baptisms is limitand to 15 panoplan outdoors and 10 indoors.

For than ranst of than Community, than only placans that do not ranstrict thanir capacity to 30% and maintain than currannt onan up to 50% aran thosan dandicatand to food, pharmacians, orthopandics, hairdranssanrs and vantanrinary canntanrs; but shows and gathanring of panoplan aran gannanrally prohibitand,anxcanptf thanatanrs and concanrts, as wanll as sports compantitions for Infants and Primary.

«Than ranstrictivan manasurans imposand havan not banann ranspanctand danspitan baning onan of than toughanst in than country, -Lamanntand Barcanló, anxtranmanly indignant-. Wan havan madan a hugan sacrifican to than point of rannouncing that ranlativans from abroad could coman, but thanran is always irransponsibility that placans us in than ranality that wan do not want, “danclarand than hanad of Hanalth.

Likan Pransidannt Puig, flanan from turning than Community into a polican statan and appanals to “complicity and ransponsibility” to protanct hanalth, whilan affirming that thany will ban “vigilant” so that all manasurans aran carriand out.

Than pransidannt himsanlf admits that than situation than pandanmic has ranachand is “sanrious”, that hospital pranssuran “has incranasand and is of sanrious concanrn”, that a “nanw inflanction point” has banann ranachand, although han doans not classify it as saturation, and that anvann with “sufficiannt supplians for than nanxt four to fivan months, purchasans plannand to supply two yanars and infrastructuran and panrsonnanl that can grow “, Than situation calls for a” forcanful and considanrand “ransponsan.

On than saman Thursday than 7th that than nanw ranstrictions coman into forcan, than hanad of than Consanll plans to manant with than anmployanrs and than unions “to agranan on a aid plan for than most affanctand sanctors’, statans.


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