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Curiosities of the AVE station in Elche: Elx does not exist and the assembly on the Molí Real and Vinalopó

Elx does not exist on the station's exterior signs

Elx does not exist on the station’s exterior signs

We already have AVE in Elche … it is true that you have to be very early risers or very late to catch the high speed in Elche or Orihuela, but the train already circulates at such a speed that, as the Oriolano mayor said on Monday, Emilio Bascuñana, Madrid is now almost closer than Alicante, because going to the capital of Spain is going to be a journey of less than two and a half hours and to get to the province it takes more than one. The mayor of Elche, Carlos González, was so happy that he came to compare this “milestone,” he said, with the “two World Heritage Sites for Elche or the return of the Lady,” the quote is verbatim. But this inauguration leaves us some questions for reflection.

1. At the moment, the same line as Alicante and the same trains.

For now, the trip will show us the Alicante station, either on the way out or on the way back, because the trip is not direct and we are still the same high-speed line as the one in the capital, with which, really, what they are doing is that they are taking advantage of high-speed trains who were already making the journey. Another thing that has not gone unnoticed is that the trains are not new. You just have to see the one used by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to reach Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja on Monday. And that the train drivers were being trained … well, it will be like that, but they don’t have new trains.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, with Puig, Ábalos and González, last Monday in Elche next to a train that inaugurated the line, but it was not new

2. Have we forgotten about Elx?

Just have to approach the station to realize that no one has realized something that should not have gone unnoticed by a progressive government that makes such an uncompromising defense of the Valencian and that is that the huge posters that identify the station appear Elche but not Elx (and to think that there is a reference to Matola, although everyone calls it the Matola station or halt, that is to say). And look, they have had time to put it in Valencian or for someone to realize it because we have been waiting for at least two long years for the station to start up, all finished. In December they gave him a deep cleaning pass waiting for this act yesterday but much was cleaned but without anyone noticing the detail. By the way, the little interior signs to identify these departments are in Valencian. Something has gone wrong and we hope that our Minister Marzà, so interested in the multilingualism plan, does not realize it. Here is the proof of what we say:

The two large posters of the station, without references to Elx, only Elche

3. Pedro Sánchez, the Molí Real (with its crack and everything) and the Vinalopó turned into rails

The act of Monday was carried out on a lectern that, behind, revealed a huge photograph of the Molí Real, as big as it was false … well, not false, but the Vega Baja was superimposed where the Vinalopó channel should be. The work is so well done that it seems that the river is going to be the source of a new branch from the center of the city to the coast, as the mayors of the Vega Baja are requesting. Whoever approaches the station / halt (there are opinions regarding how it should be called) will be able to continue seeing it because today it covers one of the future businesses that may be exploited there.

The image that can be seen at the AVE station, as can be seen, is a phenomenal photo of the Molí Real that makes the Vinalopó disappear ….

And, for those of us who are very detailed, we cannot avoid discovering what is observed between Minister Ábalos and the President of the Government … the crack that for two years has forced the channel to be fenced and evicted from the facilities the groups that they used it.

Sure there will be more things to see … we encourage you to find them …

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