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Curtis Sliwa: “If you vote for Eric Adams you will have a De Blasio 2”

Curtis Sliwa

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After November 2 general election It will be known who will be the Mayor of the City of New York who will handle the reins of the Big Apple from January. And although opinion polls give the Democrat a wide advantage Eric Adams, your opponent, Curtis Sliwa, has not rested on its laurels and has intensified its campaign, winning followers in different corners of the city.

The creator of the watchdog group Los Angeles Guardianes, who is running as a Republican candidate and also on the Independent line, spoke with The NY Newspaper, and not only did he promise to take New York in a different direction from the one the city has traveled in the last 8 years, but he also strongly attacked the current mayor Bill de Blasio, whom he described as a “total failure”, and his Democratic opponent.

Sliwa assured that voting for Adams is to continue in De Blasio’s footsteps, and said that although he is a Republican, he has nothing to do with Donald Trump, whom he has openly criticized. He also gave his word that in an eventual administration of his, he will consider prominent Latinos for high positions such as the NYPD headquarters, and will make a wallop in the handling that New York is doing of people with mental and emotional illnesses, and the helpless.

Being Latinos in NY more than 29%, what real importance will Hispanics have in an eventual Mayor of yours?
“First of all, it must be said that Latinos and Latinas are the majority of the minorities in New York, and soon they will be the majority. And when I look at the Police Department, for example, knowing that Latinos and Latinas are already 30 percent, I see that they have never interviewed anyone for the position of Commissioner of the NYPD. De Blasio never interviewed a Latino and Eric Adams has no intention of interviewing a Latino or Latina for that position, and that is another slap in the face to the growing Latino population, which has never been considered. So I’m going to search the Police Department for a number of prominent Latinos and Latinas, to see if it is possible that he is a Police Commissioner. It is necessary to give recognition to Latinos ”.

What will be your backbone to combat the crime that is rampant in the city?
“Crime is not only affecting Latinos, but many Latinos are affected by criminal gangs like Trinitarios, MS-13, Latin Kings and other gangs that constantly harass people, extort them, steal money from them. That is why I am going to make a special priority to fight those gangs, because they have made people fear, and I think that to control the streets, we have to put pressure on the gangs and imprison them ”.

Being a Republican, there are those who do not see you options to be Mayor, among other things, because of the association made with the Republican government that Trump did. What do you say to those voters who do not want to see a Republican in command of the city again?

“I know there is no doubt that January 6 (when the Capitol was captured) resonated in everyone’s minds, and Republicans are not forgiven for that, except in my case, when I ran in the primaries, my opponent, who was Fernando Mateo, a well-known Dominican businessman, who was really a Trumpista. He spent $ 2 million advertising against me on television and radio, saying that Curtis Sliwa was not a Republican, because I was never a Trumpist. And I never argued against that, because Fernando Mateo was absolutely right. I am not a Trumpist. And yet, still the Republicans in the city chose me as the candidate, with a vote of 70% to 30%.

Do you think you have a real chance of being Mayor of New York?
“Yes of course. I think New Yorkers, all New Yorkers look at me and say ‘he has supported us for many years’. And although being a Republican today is difficult, because of Trump, I am also running in line with the Independent Party, because I am independent. People now have two options: vote for me as a Republican or as an independent ”.

How do you see what the Administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio was like?
“It was a total failure. But de Blasio’s worst failure has been his handling of emotionally disturbed people. They are everywhere, they are in the subway, in the parks, on the streets. They are a danger to themselves and to others. And the only thing De Blasio and his wife did was create the Thrive program, which grabbed $ 1,250,000 of our tax money, and we didn’t see any results. It is the worst program, with which nothing was done. So as Mayor, starting on January 2, the first thing I’m going to do is fire all the Thrive workers, and I’m going to have a different handling of the issue, get disturbed people off the streets and get them treated. they need and can return to normality ”.

What would an eventual Mayor of Eric Adams look like? He does not believe qWhat is a good option for the City?
“Eric Adams gave De Blasio a positive B, and I gave him an F for total failure. There, in the debate, I realized that actually Eric Adams is going to be another De Blasio, so if they vote for Eric Adams they are going to have a De Blasio 2, the same thing. He’s not independent, Curtis Sliwa is. Adams is going to follow the path that Bill de Blasio already created, which means that we will go straight to failure, because he does not know how to handle things. There is no differentiation between the two ”.

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